Monday, June 13, 2011

War Crimes Committed by the US Sixty Years Ago

War Crimes Committed by the US Sixty Years Ago

Sixty years have passed since the most furious war after World War II, the Korean War (1950-1953), ended. During the three years, the US , which unleashed the war in an ambition to dominate the Korean Peninsula and the Asian continent, committed outrages unprecedented in the history.

First of all, they massacred innocent people.

The number totals over 1,231,540.

“Regard Koreans as animals. Kill them without mercy thinking as if you are killing animals.” This was an order of MacArthur at the beginning of the war.

In obedience to this official killing order, the US mercenaries massacred in Sinchon, a small rural area in north Korea, about 35,300 innocent people, or a quarter of the county’s population, during the period of their temporary occupation.

Their atrocities were beyond human imagination. At that time a foreign media reported, “The greatest atrocities of the 20th century were committed by the US troops in Korea .”

A survey group of the International Democratic Women’s Federation wrote in their report after their on-the-spot survey of the US forces’ atrocities: “In the areas under the temporary occupation of the US forces, hundreds of thousands of civilians, regardless of whether they were old or young, were tortured, or burnt and beaten to death, or buried alive with their families…. These mass killings and tortures were more severe than those the Hitlerite Nazis committed in the European countries under their temporary occupation.”

The US reduced Korea to ashes during the war.

They took no account of the laws and regulations concerning the war that forbid any attack or bombardment on cities, villages and houses by any means. Publicly saying that they would remove 78 cities of north Korea completely from the map, they committed large-scale bombing and bombardment unheard of in the history.

As a result 2,416,407 buildings, including factories, enterprises, schools hospitals and science research institutions, were destroyed, even churches and cathedrals were targets of the so-called apostles of the God. They dropped down over 428,700 bombs on Pyongyang , or more than one bomb for every of its citizen. North Korea was completely turned into ashes. Americans were sure that it could not be rebuilt within 100 years.

The US also waged a germ warfare and used the chemical weapons against Koreans, which are strictly prohibited according to international law.

In a period of two months they poured down germ bombs on about 400 places on over 700 occasions, spreading acute epidemic viruses, like pest, cholera, smallpox, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and felling people en masses.

Owing to the germ and chemical warfare, over 50,000 people were killed, including 1,379 in Nampho in the western coast.

In January 1952, the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun wrote that the germ warfare conducted by the US in Korea was the biggest in its scale.

The US forces did not hesitate to use the POWs for medical experiment for the germ and chemical warfare.

In a word, the atrocities committed by the US during the Korean War were crimes aimed at stamping out the Korean nation.

There is no statute of limitations for war crimes and for the crimes against mankind.

The international community should pay due attention to the fact that the US crimes have been ignored for 60 years in the world today when Nazi criminals of WWII are being chased to the last man and punished.

For justice and future, atrocities committed by the US during the Korean War should be punished in the name of whole mankind. The US could never escape from the responsibility for the crimes.