Saturday, June 25, 2011

LPC launches Coordinated Harassments and Checkpoints -NPA (NDF)

LPC launches Coordinated Harassments and Checkpoints*

Ka JB Regalado
Leonardo Panaligan Command,
NPA-Central Negros
June 22, 2011

The Leonardo Panaligan Command contributed it’s share in the launching of an island wide tactical offensives vs the fascist AFP especially the 11th IB Killer Battalion. Three detachments in oriental and one detachment in the occidental side were fired upon at 12 AM last June 13, 2011. The NPA challenged the soldiers to come out from their bunkers but they were afraid to do so.

At the same time other units of the LPC conducted checkpoints in the national highways of the Oriental and Occidental side in search of soldiers and criminals especially with blood debts against the people and with standing warrants of arrest from the people’s court . The AFP and PNP camps nearby did not respond for fear of engagement.

Before the coordinated actions of June 13, members of the revolutionary Pambansang Katipunan ng Magbubukid (PKM) held noise barrages and bonfires in several barrios, town and cities of central Negros. Also joining the actions were members of the Kabataang Makabayan who pasted posters and painted revolutionary slogans in the town and city proper.

The mobilization of hundreds of NPA regulars, militias and self-defense units under the LPC for the June 13 coordinated actions show the systematic and well planned maneuvers of the Red Army supported by thousands of its mass base. The AFP and PNP were caught flatfooted.

Col Jonas Sumagaysay should now consider rewriting a different script of his fantasy “Oplan Panghilamon”.

The revolutionary movement in central Negros will continue to launch more offensives as a noble contribution to the national advance towards strategic stalemate in the next 5 years.

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