Thursday, June 2, 2011




May 31st Juche 100(2011)

The UK Korean Friendship Association issued a statement today in connection with the statement of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea "We will not deal with Lee Myung Bak ". We ,UK KFA , wish to lend our support to this vital and important statement of the DPRK NDC.

It is only just for the DPRK National Defence Commission to announce that it is not dealing with Lee Myung Bak and taking correct measures to defend the independence and security of the DPRK from the threat posed by the Lee Myung Bak fascist puppet cliques intensified hostility to the DPRK . The hostility of the Lee regime has taken the form of provocative and disturbing statements about "unification through absorption" and "German style " reunification as well as hackneyed cliches about "no nukes " and "opening up" .Additionally the Lee clique has hurled abuse at the DPRK leadership and system as well fabricating fake anti DPRK cases one after another . As if this is not enough ,the Lee Myung Bak fascist clique is carrying out war exercises and the US is introducing more weapons and equipment into south Korea.

"Reunification through absorption " is unrealistic ,simply would not work in Korea and could only lead to war . The DPRK itself has put forward many proposals for reunification. It is the Lee regime that has negated the June 15 and October 4th agreements . Moreover the DPRK has put forward many substantial proposals for peace this year but Lee Myung Bak has ignored them.

Facing with the hostility and belligerence of the Lee Myung Bak regime and its US backers it is indeed necessary for the DPRK to take measures to prevent war and defend its supreme interests. The statement of the DPRK NDC reflects this. We support the measures announced as they will defend the DPRK's sovereignty and represent the best way of securing peace on the Korean peninsula and the world.