Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Statement of the German KFA for the renewed south Korean provocation exercises

Statement of the German KFA for the renewed south Korean provocation exercises

04th of June, 2011

The recent provocations of the land-perfidious proamerican clique Ri Myong Bak in South Korea against the DPRK accept worse and worse and more hideous forms which are not acceptable any more.

In South Korea the population and army is aroused, regrettably, with psychological means to the war against the north. Here, unfortunately, one shrinks back from no means. The Ri clique rushes mob to deliver hoodlums and parts of the southkorean puppet army once more in addition on lies and liebel against the socialist system in the DPRK. This happens at the lowest level. Herewith the rushing, the profanations of the flag of the DPRK and the unacceptable and disrespectful contact without dignity show a crime and insults of the Korean people who demand an immediate statement and excuse of the south to the people and the guidance of the DPRK.

The criminal troublemakers must be pulled and punished for this to account. These actions and processes outrage the Korean people in both land parts and also overseas. For other actions of the Ri clan the Korean national army (KVA) is to be seized firmly resolutely in the case of emergency immediate measures.

The general staff of the KVA issued moreover on the 3rd of June the following declaration:

1. The south Korean authorities should punish the wire-pullers and organizers of these shameful and scandalous Anti DPRK provocations strictly.

2. The south Korean authorities should apologise compared with the whole nation and deliver an official guarantee that such provocations do not recur any more.

3. Three weapon types of the KVA, the red working-class guards and farm guards will carry out from now on military acts of reprisal against the land-perfidious clique Ri Myong Bak, if this does not punish the criminals and does not apologise for these prodigious provocations.

The Korean people, his allies and friends in Korea and in many countries of the world stand unanimously behind the decisions of the DVRK. The efforts to the reunion and his many achieved aims are kicked by Ri Myong Bak gang with feet. This is a danger of the peace on the Korean peninsula and the world peace.

The necessary measures of the KVA will be support in the case of emergency by Germany KFA in the defence of the country.

The provocations of the gang Ri Myong Bak must have an immediate end!

Only peace attempts and atonement of the south leads to peace on the Korean peninsula!

Away with the criminal, war-propelling regime Ri Myong Bak!

KFA Germany