Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NPA Negros Reply and Challenge to Cols Sumagaysay and Patrimonio

NPA Negros Reply and Challenge to Cols Sumagaysay and Patrimonio*

Ka Juanito Magbanua
Apolinaryo Boy Gatmaitan Command,
NPA-Negros Island

June 03, 2011

The statements made by Col Jonas Sumagaysay in the media that there is “misunderstanding between comrades from Samar and Negros” is not true. According to Sumagaysay that this is the result of the rift within the NPA leadership that brought about mis-encounters because there is no coordination, “the NPAs are the one fighting ang shooting each other, distrust each other because of the presence of DPAs (Deep Penetration Agents) inside the Red army that is why the NPA launch “Oplan Hilamon” in order to cleanse their ranks. Another bloody intrigue is the 20 or more NPA that were investigated including one NPA official meted the death penalty named Ben Hur. It is also untrue that there were 9 KIA and 17 WIA on the side of the NPA in Sitio Dogma. These are all lies and fabrications.

He is like Gov Maranon who said that the NPA in the mountains are dying of hunger because they are just eating corn and root crops and are therefore malnourished. Sumagaysay wants that before he retires as Brigade Commander the NPA in Negros has been weakened because of so many KIAs, WIAs, surrenderees, internal conflicts, disorganized and demoralized.

What is True?

The NPA is ideologically, politically and organizationally consolidated. The NPA is absolutely led by the CPP that guides it correctly. The Red commanders and fighters are determined and have a high morale in completing the requisites for the strategic stalemate in the next five years and frustrate the anti-people Oplan Bayanihan of the US-Aquino regime. The NPA is a Hundred percent (100%) sure that there is no bad element within the NPA, and there is no truth to the intrigues spitted out by Sumagaysay that the NPA lauched an anti-DPA campaign to cleanse its ranks.

It is clear for every member of the NPA that the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system ruled over by the big landlords and bourgeois compradors and their US imperialist master are the very reasons that the Philippines remain backward. There is no land reform and nationalist industrialization. The country’s economy is tied to export-oriented and import dependent. There is no program to develop agriculture as the basis of industry. Corruption in government is widespread and the AFP is now the number 1 MOST CORRUPT. These are the reasons of mass poverty and the sufferings of the people especially the workers and the peasants. The whole revolutionary movement believes that it is only by launching a national democratic revolution primarily thru armed struggle and the grabbing of political power from the hands of the ruling oppressive few as the solution to the basic problems of the people.

Sumagaysay has the illusion that thru lies and intrigues he can weaken and wipe out the NPA in Negros.

In the name of the NPA, we are challenging Sumagaysay that if he believes that the Red Army in Negros is now but a few, weakened and demoralized, he declares strategic victory of the Phil Army over the NPA. He then recommends the pull-out of the Phil Army in Negros and turn over to the PNP the job of “resolving the insurgency” in Negros island. We are also challenging Col Francisco Patrimonio that if he believes in the statements of Col Sumgaysay that the NPA has been weakened in Negros, he immediately pulls out the military detachments near the barangay centers, schools and homes of civilians and recommends the immediate pull-out of the Phil Army in Negros island and turn over to the PNP the resolution of the “insurgency problem” in the island.

Mabuhay ang CPP, NPA, NDF!

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