Thursday, June 2, 2011

OPlan Bayanihan of US-Aquino Regime--Bayanihan of Liars -NPA (NDF)

OPlan Bayanihan of US-Aquino Regime--Bayanihan of Liars*

Andrea Guerrero
NPA-Southwest Negros
May 26, 2011

Under the OPlan Bayanihan of the US-Aquino Regime 2 patterned from the US imperialist Counter-Insurgency Guide, the mercenary AFP has intensified it's grandiose psychological warfare operations aimed at covering their fascist attacks against the revolutionary movement--Party, NPA and the masses. As an integral part of Bayanihan's "enemy-centric approach is the fabrication of lies by the AFP to destroy, demoralize and divide the NPA and the masses. Part of their line of black propaganda and tales is the series of "stories" of infighting between the NPAs from Samar and Negros, arbitrary punishment of civilians by the NPA, "surrenders" , etc.

1. These lies are propagated to deceive and demoralize the people and their Army. Perhaps the 303rd Bgde and Sumagaysay are big fans and followers of "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin of Coco Martin and Lorna Tolentino. Maybe they have the illusion and the ambition of becoming scriptwriters of a telenobela that is why they still have to improve their storyline on the mis-encounters between the NPA so that they will "more credible."

The truth is, it's not only in Negros that they are concocting tales of "misencounters" but the whole country. However they are fast losing their credibility in the media and the people because they cannot show evidence. The recycled tale of "many NPAs died because of heavy blood stains" can no longer be bought as propaganda.

2. With regards to the murder of Rudy Gomez, time and again we reiterate that the NPA has nothing to do with it. We advise and challenge the family and friends of Rudy Gomez to file the case in the Revolutionary People's Court. Let us help each other in order to attain justice for the death of Rudy Gomez.

3. On the surrender issue, the Phil Army has long been with the illusion for the capitulation of the revolutionary movement.Those that they have arrested and presented as "surrenderees", no one was ever able to get the full amount of the government funds that the Army is bragging about. If not being converted "in kind" a certain percentage of the cash incentives are being taken out by the "contractors" of the "fake surrenders."

4. With regards to the Pablo brothers, both have been discharged from the NPA more than a year ago because of non-performance of duty.

These are "fairy tales" and part of the image-saving scheme of the AFP to conceal the rottenness inside their organization- corruption, power-grabbing, protection racket, etc. This is also a "consuelo de bobo" to their demoralized mercenary troops who are now tired of fighting against a revolutionary mass movement that can never be defeated.

It's stupid to believe that the people will swallow your lies and more lies.

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