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On the “wild stories” of Col Jonas Sumagaysay -NDF

On the “wild stories” of Col Jonas Sumagaysay*

Ka Frank Fernandez
June 14, 2011

Col Jonas Sumagaysay’s tongue seems to be growing longer everyday as he spread “wild stories” to entertain the mass media ang the public. His most favorite are the topics where he says “maybe, possibly and could be” that NPAs suffered defeats and casualties as a result of the successful military operations and the infighting between NPA units.

This pattern of spreading lies and dis-information by Col Sumagaysay and other officials of the Phil Army in Negros is based on the directive of the GHQ-AFP to all area commands of the AFP in the country to enhance their grandiose psywar offensives as an important component of Oplan Bayanihan.

As a fascist instrument of the ruling big compradors and landlords and their US imperialist master, the AFP and PNP has the mastery of psywar operations using lies, deceit, disinformation and intrigues to carry out their desperate objective of dividing, demoralize and weaken the unity and morale of the revolutionary forces and the people and for them to successfully deliver a decisive military engagement in destroying the NPA. Because the AFP and PNP serves the interest of the ruling exploitative and oppressive classes, it is impossible for them to uphold the truth to serve in enlightening, educate, organize and mobilize the people in resolving the social roots of the problem of poverty, hunger, unemployment, injustice and the absence of development in the Philippines.

It is not the lies and fabrications of such that the AFP with their CMO-related activities in the countrysides and the urban centers get the sympathy and support of the people. They cannot hide from the eyes of the public the intensification of militarization and terrorist atrocities of the state against the people and the worsening economic crisis of the country. What manifest these naked truths is the early decline of the popularity rating of their commander-in-chief Benigno Aquino III, the report of the Amnesty International on the continuing human rights violations and the advance of the protest movement in the whole country.

* Url:http://theprwcblogs.blogspot.com/2011/06/on-wild-stories-of-col-jonas-sumagaysay.html