Saturday, June 25, 2011

Five-point Policy for National Reunification remembered -KCNA

Five-point Policy for National Reunification remembered

Pyongyang, June 23 (KCNA) -- On June 23, Juche 62 (1973), President Kim Il Sung set forth an important policy for Korea's reunification.

At that time, the entire Korean people were striving to implement the three principles of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity, which were declared as guidelines for national reunification through the July 4 North-South Joint Statement.

But the south Korean authorities were hampering progress in north-south dialogue and seeking to create "two Koreas" in violation of the agreement contained in the joint statement.

They released a "special statement on diplomatic policy for peaceful unification" on June 23, 1973.

The "statement", aimed to keep the country divided into "two Koreas", angered the entire Korean people desirous of national reunification.

Such being the situation, the President, that day, delivered a historic speech "Let Us Prevent a National Partition and Reunify the Country". In the speech he called for removal of military confrontation, relaxation of strained situation and realization of multi-faceted collaboration and exchange between the north and the south, convocation of a national conference involving representatives of various social strata, political parties and public organizations in the two sides, establishment of confederation named Federal Republic of Koryo and its admission to the United Nations.

The five-point policy, which was published four hours after the release of the "statement", enjoyed full support at home and abroad as it reflected the entire Korean people's ardent desire for national reunification.