Saturday, June 25, 2011

The theory of the two demons in Filipino context

The theory of the two demons in Filipino context

by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

We are still waiting to sove this problem, yet there are still those who tried to block its path-to complete justice of those who are victimized by those who acted in the name of the law. But, not all those who enact are really doing in the name of the law-for they acted rather "above of it", justifying everything illegal if not for the state, pehaps for themselves.

In fact, the title speaks for itself-that every rotten societies desperately do everything to protect the status quo or rather those who keep the society as it is, that, includes doing dirty means and even justifying it hardly regardless of countless criticisms encompassing socio-economic and cultural ones-that, according to theirs, in response to the enemy's violence, and thus they are giving a dose of their own medicine.

How wonder these people behind extrajudicial killings, forced abductions and the like wanted those actions to be justified as well-that in the guise of National Security, feirce "Anti-Communism", and perhaps nostalgia for the Marcos dictatorship in the guise of "Discipline" used actions regardless of being contrary to human rights and the like.

Obviously, they banner human rights, yet amongst them even oppose human rights to those being called "Enemies of the state." Once, I remember one writeup said that they are against human rights to everyone by saying:

"Terrorists are not Humans... Human rights dont apply to them... Catch 'em and kill 'em!"

or even say this to justify further, that may affect those who are innocent:

"Murderers, Rapists and any other Criminal don't deserve human rights. Its an abomination that they seem to get better treatment than the victims of crime. We pay to keep them in Jail, we feed them, pay for them to be released and pay for defence lawyers to defend them. ITS NOT ON!! Criminals need to be removed from society in a way it won't cost us to much."


"Human rights are GAY."

Sounds ridiculous isn't it that these words are calling nothing but disregard human rights in favor of a stringent security measure that involved extrajudicial actions. These made the image too negative regardless of their justifications.

In Argentina, there is a rhetorical revice used in its judicial process disqualifying arguments that appear to morally equate violent political subversion with illegal repressive activities carried out by the state. This idea, called as "Teoría de los dos demonios", tend to say that the military or any group allied to the reactionary order trying to respond "terroristic" action of the enemy to their own concept of "terrorism." For example, the Escalante massacre made by the Constabulary during the Marcos Regime, was made perhaps in response to the growing threat of rebellion in the province of Negros Occidental yet to the killed, they were simply had the right to protest repression and demand social justice, as mandated in the universal declaration of human rights. but still, they were killed for practicing their rights in the name of National Security and be justified their actions as rebellious and subversive.

Same as the actions laid during oplan Bantay Laya I and II of former President Gloria Macapagala-Arroyo. Disregarding the agreements concerning human rights and international humanitarian law, and justifying the armed actions of the New People's Army as reasons to abduct or illegally arrest progressives or revolutionaries ordered by the system. These actions somehow indeed similar to Argentina and its so-called "Teoría de los dos demonios".

However, the theory was often be vented upon, be attached to those who plead to support "national reconciliation", sometimes appealing to the Christian idea of "forgive and forget" yet not all who can accept it-since to that theory meant justifying revenge, especially to those who are victimized by the system. Worse is that, the main criticism of the state's measures, is that a national state is expected to enforce the law and respect human rights, even when repressing violent criminals that do not show such respect. But speaking of "Violent criminals that do not show such respect", does it include those who are fighting for their beliefs? Who had iron discipline amongst their ranks? Remember, both GRP and the NDF agreed in a statute concerning Prisoners of War, and that includes observance to International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, but do both observing it? The NDF do so since they have the iron discipline (Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention) but how about the GRP, through the AFP? Few may observe while most of them aren't, it showed how ignorant the observance of Human Rights in favor of overtly interpretation of National Security.

Many also have condemned the violence of the guerrilla radical groups like the New People's Army, Alex Boncayao Brigade, MILF or MNLF, even obviously terrorist groups like the Abu Sayyaf (the ends, the means, or both), but then, they also feel much that the atrocities committed by the Armed Forces and their associates, like the CAFGUs, CVOs, and even cultist groups especially during the Martial Law regime in 1972, Cory Aquino's Low Intensity Conflict and Arroyo's Oplan Bantay Lay I and II have a different moral status, since the state under Marital Rule and giving the Armed Forces a degree of control to certain territories also sought to terrorize the citizenry by means of kidnapping, forced disappearance, or illegal arrests without trial or recourse of habeas corpus. Morong 43 for instance are being arrested with a questionable warrant of arrest, hence be called as illegal; yet the Military insist much that they are members of the New People's Army and will do everything, even create farbricated means to justify their actions-that also make a number of them be fully acknowledged their commitment and expressed no regrets.

The system was and is, still tries to rally its people under a nationalistic pretense in curbing "terrorism", but people are still opposing their moves as more and more innocents, sympathizers, or combatants fighting for a real social change are killed by those who tries to do the former. Worse as they themselves also be given a dose of medicine by the ones who are avenging. The system may justify everything, inclusing the past mistakes of the left that end up rectified and its culprits becoming their propagandists alongside criminals in uniform and so fourth. But still, revenge is still an option to those who can't accept the necessity of the courts, lobbying and the like, countering a demon who pulls everyone backwards.