Monday, June 13, 2011

In defense of their ancestral land: People's Militia fight the 27th IB -NPA (NDF)

In defense of their ancestral land: People's Militia fight the 27th IB*

Ka Dencio Madrigal
Valentin Palamine Regional Operations Command
NPA-FarSouth Mindanao Region

The Valentin Palamine Regional Operations Command (NPA-FSMR) commends the Yunit Milisya of the NPA in Davao del Sur for a battle well fought against the 27th IB-AFP on June 6, 2011 in Barangay Malawanit, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur. In this battle, the 27th IB suffered 6 casualties (2 died and 4 wounded), while one member of the Yunit Milisya died – Antonio “Dondon” Camag, Jr., 22 years old and a brave warrior of the B’laans.

Dondon’s death will always be remembered by the people of Magsaysay, especially the B’laans, as another milestone in their continuing fight to defend their ancestral lands from the encroachment of big mining companies such as Xstrata-SMI and Alberto Mining Corp. (AMC), which uses the 27th IB-AFP as their investment defense force. Alberto Mining, which has taken 8,000 hectares and is listed as an asset of the Lucio Tan Conglomerates, is another dummy of the Xstrata-SMI which operates in the FTAA of the defunct Western Mining Corp. This FTAA covers 99,400 hectares in the gold-rich quadriboundaries of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Saranggani Province and Davao del Sur and includes thousands of hectares of ancestral lands.

For as long as the giant multinational companies and their dummies continue to encroach on our lands and steal our gold and copper and other resources, the people will fight them and blood will. A thousand Dondons will live and take up arms in order to defend the land and fight for what is rightfully theirs.