Sunday, April 17, 2011

To speak real, to speak change, to speak for Revolution in our own and the society

To speak real,
to speak change,
to speak for Revolution
in our own and the society

To my dear good friends, I need not to stop writing this since I ought to vent such responses from those who insist their "prefect ideas" to me, that despite its "goodness", still obviously a concoction of realities and imaginations.

At first, it may sound weird, that they speak of mythology in a manner of Julius Evola and the like, however like any other "idealists" they tend to counter the reality, that everything consists of matter and thus be subjected to changes.

So is in the society that nowadays is rotten to the core, and fighting for a social change through a revolution is concieved to be a fact as history hath stated much that everything is a part of a bigger stage, that is of struggle. That in fact, others may ought to say but did they do so? Perhaps through venting such sentiment in the internet, but did they do actual means of struggle? Perhaps few did the rest not as most of them are rather pursuing their uber-individualistic "dreams."

And to say that having a social revolution based on social realities is not enough meant insisting an idea based on illusion and not of facts. Once they told me to "move on" or to "grow up" since my idea, point of view of fighting for a genuine, comprehensive and realistic social change according to them is useless, yet they want me to "open my eyes" and "get real!"

If so, of wanting me to "get real", then did change happened? Nope. It's like urging me to "join the flow" rather than to see what comes around and vent rage in it! Look at China, Russia these days, yes, they are ones states fighting for liberation and trying to advance through Socialist construction and development, but did they succeed enough and continue advancing? They are becoming degenerated and pulling backwards thanks to their revisionistic tendencies within their apparatus.

These same people, who told me to "grow up", even speak to me that they are "Communist states" and yet the world is not yet even becoming "Communist" (and most states that the western media called "Communist" are rather "Socialist") nor "Communism" speaks of maintaining a state as an institution! Did Marx speak of state be maintained? He's even against it the way they speak against the system! As according to Engels:

“Along with [the classes] the state will inevitably fall. Society, which will reorganise production on the basis of a free and equal association of the producers, will put the whole machinery of state where it will then belong: into the museum of antiquity, by the side of the spinning-wheel and the bronze axe.”

For sure most of them are starting to assail me and cry as they insist on this against that. But then despite these, they didn't notice that what they did and realize is also what Marx's said so:

"Philosophers only interpreted the world. The point is to change it."

Insisting me to get real can be good, but to get real by looking at the problem, and setting forth a solution that is realistic and proven is better, in the way that we seen a dirty surrounding and through cleaning it lies change.

I do apologize to say such things since this is supposed to be a writeup for the Lenten season. But despite these, the call for social change through a revolution remains as the rotten social order continues to dominate, to enslave people and of steering the society backwards and downwards. In fact, even Jesus Christ did speak of change, but limiting it to a mere individualistic sentiment is possibly be not enough to support the rest of the people, that in the way he "cleansed" the temple out of moneylenders, so is the people's will in destroying the system ruled by corrupt bureaucrats and profiteers as a perequisite for a genuine social change.