Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DPRK Boasts of Invincible Army-KCNA

DPRK Boasts of Invincible Army

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- The Korean people are greeting the anniversary of the heroic Korean People's Army (KPA), which falls on April 25.

Founded nearly eighty years ago, the KPA has developed to be an invincible army with sophisticated offensive and defensive means under the guidance of the great leader and the great party.

Its development is closely related with the outstanding and sagacious leadership of Kim Jong Il.

After formulating the Songun (military-first) politics as the socialist political mode, he has inspected many army units to make all the soldiers steadfast in ideology and faith.

Regarding the military affairs as the most important national priority, he has defended the nation, revolution and socialism and propelled the overall socialist construction with the army as the core.

Under his leadership, a revolutionary soldier spirit symbolizing the Songun era has been created in the army and close unity between the army and people in ideology and working spirit has been achieved successfully.

With the KPA, which has become a strong army through two wars against the Japanese and U.S. imperialists and the arduous struggle to defend the country, remaining faithful to the revolutionary cause of Juche, the DPRK has striven to build a thriving nation under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, frustrating the aggressive moves of the imperialists.