Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wages not Chains!

Wages not Chains!

We've all heard the news about the Labour Department's response of not issuing wage increase for the workers this coming May day.

Using "regional wage boards" as an alibi, the Labour department, obviously catering for the employers are simply disregarding the plight of the workers in midst of the growing crisis around the country, signified by the increase in prices of commodities, oil and gas, fares for transport and even tuition and other fees that seemed not enough for their daily wages, even it is being saved for years to support with.

But despite the protests and grievances, the system rather responded with rampant Fascism in the name of "Police action" and of "Harmony in the workingplace." Such actions rather fueled discontent and defiance-like those of the illegal settlers who threw sticks and stones against the riot police and demolition men just to defend their barricades, houses, and their right for a decent living, employment and education for their children. The system, despite parroting statements such as "Democracy", "Reform", "Change", or even "Transition" are merely like aluminum foils and toppings for their Conservatism and Repression; they may speak of harmony in the workingplace and impose Japanese-style models, but at the same time doing union busting whilst accumulating more profits whilst its workers aquired few to none.

In short, in lieu of an increased wage, the system rather imposed shackles and chains to the struggling worker. Putting them into contentment, such measures failed to stop the growing discontent as more and more workers, farmers, students, even the unemployed professionals felt the growing crisis and at the same time repression made by a system who speaks of a rhetoric contrary to their action. After all, to the reactionary system it is "Dura Lex Sed Lex" but to the toilers that "Lex" is nothing but a hollow set of phrases imposed just to control without any benefit at all. How come? Imposing fascism against the toilers to benefit the profiteers? Yes.

Today, and this coming May Day, all workers and peasants in the Philippines, bonded by disenfrachisement by the system and longing for a progressive society are marching, chanting, facing the gates of the keep where the coddler of the stooges staying.