Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mobilize the people in their millions and fulfill the requirements to complete the strategic defensive stage-NDF

Mobilize the people in their millions and fulfill the requirements
to complete the strategic defensive stage*

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
24 April 2011

Following from the united effort of the original 9 allied revolutionary organizations, convening for the first time as a preparatory body, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) was founded 38 years ago today on 24 April 1973.

Today, across the entire archipelago - from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao - the NDFP is widely and strongly established, with 17 member revolutionary organizations all together. It is only fitting to give praise in remembrance of revolutionary cadres, mass activists and the rest of the masses who unselfishly offered up their lives as heroes and martyrs in the name of building and fortifying the NDFP.

The NDFP is recognized as a broad national united front of the exploited and oppressed social classes and sectors in the country and abroad in order to fully defeat feudalism, bureaucrat-capitalism and imperialism. Because of the NDFP’s considerable political influence, all reactionary governments since the Marcos dictatorship, have been forced to face the NDFP in peace negotiations.

In Mindanao, the NDFP is made up of millions of both influenced and basic organized masses, and hundreds of thousands of mass organization members in urban-centers, in 2,000 barangays within 43 guerilla fronts in more than 200 municipalities and 20 provinces in the entire Mindanao island.

NPA units have rapidly spread across Mindanao, and have become much stronger, launching 86 tactical offensives since January 2011, confiscating a great number of firearms from the enemy, and annihilating more than a company of enemy troops.

The NDFP has comprehensively launched anti-feudal, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist mass movements. Hundreds of thousands have benefitted from agrarian revolution in the whole of Mindanao. We have mobilized the people in their thousands against large-scale destructive mining, logging, agri-business plantations owned by the big bourgeois comprador, big landlords and foreign monopolies, which also include the fight against US military intervention in Mindanao. This includes taking forward the anti-fascist people’s movement against human rights abuses committed by the reactionary government’s fascist troops.

In Mindanao, the 17 allied revolutionary organizations have been well established, widened and solidified under the banner of the NDFP. Through the Party’s absolute leadership of the New People’s Army, the basic alliance of workers and peasant firmly stands.

The alliance with middle sectors in the society has similarly expanded and strengthened. Through various ways and means, we have maintained our relations with part of the left wing of the local ruling classes, and with patriotic elements from the ranks of the armed forces of the reactionary government.

We reaffirm our commitment to the Moro people’s struggle for their right to self-determination, and we adhere to our signed agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

The NDFP-Mindanao fully supports the NDFP negotiating panel and the peace process as a whole. In fact, we have conducted peace forums among the different sectors in order to gather their opinion regarding the peace talks.

It must be recalled that the NPA units in Mindanao fully supported the ceasefire declared by the NDFP as part of the confidence-building measures for the peace talks, even as security forces of the GPH committed 43 counts of ceasefire violations.

In the face of continuing economic and political crisis in our country and overseas, the situation is ripe for the fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the strategic defensive stage of our people’s war, and victoriously move on to the strategic stalemate.

To carry on these tasks, the NPA in Mindanao must launch more widespread and intensive tactical offensives on the bases of the ever-expanding and ever-deepening mass base. We must launch agrarian revolution as the basis to arouse, organize and mobilize the masses in their millions and realize the people’s economic demands, rapidly expanding and consolidating our mass base, setting up revolutionary organs of political power, and mobilizing the masses for armed struggle.

As our anti-feudal, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist struggle widens, deepens, and heightens, we shall have a vast source of Party recruits.

Long live the exploited and oppressed peoples of the Philippines!
Long live the National Democratic of the Philippines!

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