Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rodong Sinmun on WPK's Effective Mode of Drive-KCNA

Rodong Sinmun on WPK's Effective Mode of Drive

Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- The DPRK, called Songun Korea, is dashing toward to a thriving nation, meeting every challenge of the imperialist reactionaries. Its invincible stamina fully reflects the work style of the Workers' Party of Korea which wins one victory after another by dint of bold offensive.

Rodong Sinmun Wednesday stresses this in a bylined article.

The WPK has made continued progress for scores of years, leading the revolution and construction to victory, the article says, adding:

The staunch offensive spirit of the WPK never allowing stagnation and stalemate made it possible to create a heroic epic of creation and innovation in which a socialist power was built from scratch on the strength of the great Chollima advance. The history of grand socialist construction in the 1970s and the 1980s, which brought the heyday in the era of the Workers' Party to the tune of the drum of revolution, shines as a history of the stubborn offensive by the WPK at the pace of Chollima plus speed campaign.

The Korean army and people successfully concluded the arduous march, the forced march, with confidence in sure victory and offensive spirit implanted by the WPK even in the worst period of manifold adversity.

The WPK is a revolutionary and militant party and the indomitable spirit of offensive is what keeps the WPK alive.

The great revolutionary surge is a traditional offensive mode of the WPK and spurs on making uninterrupted innovation and advance serve as a powerful motive force for offensive.