Sunday, April 17, 2011

As Christians, Reclaim a revolutionary faith that moves mountains

As Christians, Reclaim a revolutionary faith that moves mountains

In the start of the week of Lent, all Christians are starting to redeem themselves from their mistakes and shortcomings in the manner the Lord Jesus Christ hath did upon for the people. For sure most of us are staring to pray, do a penance or abstain from everything that urges us to do so. But despite all of these we individuals usually do, does change actually happen this time around? All despite the sermons, reforms and measures spoken by our leaders and trying to be enacted in our society that is rotten and dilapidated for years?

Some may say yes, some may say no.
Some are quite too opportunistic, others tend to be pragmatic or near-pessimistic.
That most people think rather is about their own individuality alone and not of they as part of the society.

Isn't it obvious nowadays that our faith is reduced to a mere individualistic act instead of for everyone? Not to mention that Margaret Thatcher reduced the idea of our faith as a mere spiritual than of social one, that "Christianity is about spiritual redemption, not social reform" and even spoke of St. Paul's that "If a man will not work he shall not eat." True to say on what St. Paul said so, but not all people around are slackers, that they worked hard, but got few regardless of the long hours taken. Will she said so to a family of farmworkers who worked long hours for a 9.50 minimum wage? 9.50 to meet bigger debts and other fees to be paid? Yes, Christianity is spiritual redemption, but social reform is also inherent in the way what the Bible said so.

As Isaiah 61:1 (King James Version) said:

"The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;"

These words meant freedom to every soul, to everyone both spiritual and social, that all be given equally in accordance to their work, to their actions, that makes a community productive, but in looking in our society, we expected a different scene that is repressive. That we see personalities praying and do charity work, but at the same time didn't fulfill what the law said so-like giving away their lands to the tillers like in Hacienda Luisita, Yulo and in Nasugbu Batangas? This makes the fact that everybody should bring a sword and call to end upon this repressive existence on this Earth. That includes realization of a faith that is not just life changing but to the society as well, manifested by our call of action within the theatre of mass struggles.

And as the struggle advances despite its shortcomings, this time in a bigger stage against the system, and every people are to be called upon to assume responsibilities, to participate in a campaign all to counter the crisis made by the system- through the U.S, Aquino regime and its cohorts. Such actions are all in response to the realities that, despite programs and reforms the current regime taken, be failed as it tries to counter the growing tide and thus creating discontent as expected.

As Christians, we expect that in pursuit of a better life and bringing the Pilipino people to genuine liberty, must reclaim the faith that is liberative than enslaving, and to be alert to such ploys using "Christian" sentiment though promotion of fundamentalist religion and spirituality through renewed proselytism and rabid religious fanaticism, all just to counter the essence of Christianity that is, liberative.

As one sermon said:
“According to Jesus, the poor are not poor for the sake of the Kingdom but in spite of the Kingdom, or rather, because it has not yet come. Jesus is hungry every time the least of his brothers and sisters is hungry, and… Jesus is a prisoner every time he or she may be imprisoned. It is the sympathy or the compassion... that all true love produces, an unlimited love that transmits from the loved one to the lover all that is intolerable and inhuman in the situation he or she suffers.

“Tragically, if no laws are broken - or if their breaking is not visible - Christians do not worry about their complicity in the great evils which society, through its structures, causes to fall upon the most defenseless. The ancient prophets of Israel would say that this is not "to know God." James, in the New Testament, would state that this is not ‘true religion.’

“It is true that ‘social sin’ has surprised us by its enormous magnitude as it takes place on a continent that for four centuries - and even today - can be called almost totally Christian. The Christian does not kill (at least not directly) but is an accomplice in millions of deaths that more just social structures could have prevented.

“[The change of these unjust social structures will happen through the Church.] The Church - which has been accustomed to having small active minorities and large, inert, and silent majorities - is facing a new phenomenon: a considerable popular mobilization within its own walls [will create justice.]”

Time will come as more and more people are willing to join in a real social change what the lord hath promised us. God doesn't even want us to remain contented in daydreaming or be killed by the terrible conditions laid upon to us that made his son, Jesus Christ came to the world, a simple carpenter's son preaching not just of love and peace, but to bring a sword that is to counter the repression and to bring forth change both in our hearts, minds, and in our societies. That to save is also to liberate, not just from sin but also from repression, that to follow Jesus is to work to abolish the systems that cause poverty, systems that actually enslave all of us. In a manner that to pray and do charity is good, but to serve and to defend the people against repression and to bring forth progression is better.

And thus,
In reclaiming a lost faith through a major change, thus it will move mountains, gush forth water from a barren land, and see the rising sun in the name of the Lord.