Saturday, April 16, 2011

"A stronger unity against the system and the crisis"

"A stronger unity against the system and the crisis"

Message for graduation day

At first, we are profoundly greateful as all of us, after passing the trials in the four corners of the classroom end up having a citation. Grateful, that most of us have also opened our eyes to the realities of life that is, different from the dreams, ideals what is coming upon us.

True, that in this piece, speaks about the life of our society. The purpose of protecting our life, liberty and happiness of us and the rest who till, forge, work all for the betterment.

But that betterment as we expected nowadays are not the ideal betterment as those who control the society further steer the society backwards all despite the reforms they've been made and initiated. Such reforms and programs so to speak are not even concieved to uplift the people nor to steer into improvement, but as toppings for their prevailing repressive policies and ideas that pushed us the rest down all in the name of order. We may disregard it away yet we faced those things much from the paper to the T.V. otherwise, turing it to another channel, looking at the showbiz page or anything just to escape the realities that in fact, unhelpful and counter-productive.

But still, despite the apathy prevailing there are still those who are willing to counter the tide of repression, intolerance, crisis that is creeping and pushing us downwards regardless of what we are and our ideas with. We still sought demonstrations against the oil price increase, increase in the price of basic commodities, tuition and other fees and even policies that as if productive in appearance but destructive since it counters the will of the toilers and tolerates the will of the few. Such couragious people indeed are the ones who vent out protest, after all regardless of calling it a hindrance as the system speaks off, are the ones who experienced everything-that they till, forge, earn, save yet luckless as they meet prices and charges increasing.

For sure most of us are luckless nowadays even those who are with honours with shiny medals bear in our necks, still endure the crisis that individual ideas can't counter it. We may still tried enough to be like Neitzsche's Ubermensch but not enough as he himself insist in individualism, yet he understood how man itself is a matter, that has no value or dignity except as creator and transvaluator of cultural values whose creativity serves the future, of thinking that the individual as of instrumental value, yet having their function as essential, since they, and not institutions, systems create cultures.

But will that he, alone can fulfill in creating change even he started it? He may have started it, but still it is useless since it is merely from his own without any benefit nor value for others except as a creator. He may've changed his lifestyle but does it changed the society as well?

To tell frankly, this statement calls for unity as a means for change, but that unity is not like those shallow ones with less results. A guided, comprehensive one that, as Mao Zedong stated:

" If we study history, we find that all the movements that have occurred in the course of history, of whatever type may be, have all without exception resulted from the union of a certain number of people. A greater movement naturally requires a greater union, and the greatest movement requires the greatest union. All such unions are more likely to appear in a time of reform and resistance..."

Sorry to quote Mao Zedong, but his words mirror the fact that being a creator of history, a participant in an endless struggle called for a greater unity of every individual, of every Ubermensch (to use Neitzsche) in breaking the cycle that pushed us backwards, downwards all just to maintain order. That from the senses lies consciousness, ideas, action, reason, faith a la the scientific method. For sure most of graduates taught that method and create means to break age-old ones right? As we study History, Logic, everything lies the fact that as we exist meant facing repression, illusion, degredation, that the only solution is Revolution, and that Revolution requires unity, struggle, unity, struggle, and so forth as it advances.

Sounds weird isn't it? But still both history and reality wittnessed things that what the earlier statement Mao Zedong stated. Same as here:

"The decadence of the state, the sufferings of humanity, and the darkness of society have all reached an extreme. To be sure, among the methods of improvement and reform, education, industrialization, strenuous efforts, creation, destruction (of that which is bad and outmoded), and construction are all right, but there is a method more fundamental than these, which is that of the great union of the popular masses."

True to say so, that what makes everything possible to create a good future is the great unity of the people, but is it the entire people in general? Including the oppressors and slanderers of our kind? A shallow unity so to speak without any result except that "we are united?"

Few amongst them may likely to understood and remold to join us, but the rest remained aloof and trying to be ignorant all despite the coming change starting. That though this great unity within the sphere of struggle lies tremeandous result. For sure all of us are wanting peace in our homes, good life and complete everything for our well being, but will these be fulfilled in a system that is rotten, dilapidated and repressive?

We've faced the trials of our daily lives regardless of our social status-increasing tuition and other fees, rampant student repression, increase in commodities yet low in wages, corruption amongst government officials and foreign intervention in our society. Isn't it too contrary to our so-called dreams that perhaps, becoming impossible to realize all despite haivng high grades and the like?

Well, we cannot deny an inviolable fact that the history of this world is primarily a complete struggle. And through our experiences, there's only one solution-taking up the weapon and join hand in hand in dismantling the rotten system and to build a bright future better than the past and our present. That our struggle as a nation is also moving towards the struggle between ourselves and our backgrounds, of realities and dreams, and our unity against the society.

Graduates, the gates of reality hath open, prepare to meet thy doom as crisis, repression, degredation, awaits us!