Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let the hatred of the Studentry and the Masses fear the cohorts of the rotten social order!

Let the hatred of the Studentry and the Masses
fear the cohorts of the rotten social order!

another message for the Graduates

Nowadays, we've all witnessed at the halls of our every alma mater the call of reality. That, after studying for years, and witnessing all the facts of life, this time compels us to face and with our experiences and lessons be its means, a catalyst for a concrete, comprehensive, progressive, meaninful change that will serve the rest for generations.

Idealistic isn't it? But then everything is all come from what was and is going on in our rotten society. That the system itself, consists of those classified as the enemies of the laboring people, the despotic landlords, corrupt bureaucrats and capitalist profiteers steered us downwards and usually putting us into shame. That, despite finishing in our respective courses be compelled in becoming nothing but accept the fact that we to become as slave laborers abroad, be at the call centres, or to be a part of the massed ranks of the unemployed. The growing economic crisis both here and around the world counters such reforms and measures that, in fact as mere pieces of paper and toppings for repressive policies all in the name of "economy" and "order."

Students, people, accept the fact that we are been fooled enough by those sitting from above! The echelon called for changes, and yet the rotten features remained still and continues to creep in our minds their illusions and ideas just to counter our will. Yes, that will is inevitable, and that is the will to rebel.

That, as all of you are possibly starting to look for a job, earn little, setting up a budget or saving it, yes, it may consider it as a means to be productive, but regardless of our actions, still what we may have possibly had is "too little" for our needs even we save a lot or to buy cheap things that in fact, may also affect in price increases. We may tried much to improve ourselves yet is the society encourage that? No! But rather to force us to remain contented in mere things despite advancement. That buying low-quality goods is cheap and better ones as expensive as its norm, so is the increase in the prices of commodities and having low wages despite working overnight, especially for a worker.

And for sure in this endless cycle of repression the society runs against us compels us rather to vent our rage against them. It is not idealistic so to say, but an effect of our realities that became a part of our daily consciousness-that life sucks rather for the rest of us, regardless of our titles we carried in every institution. And that rage emanates from us accepts an inviolable truth-to see the world, our society, our history is a stage of struggles.

Since the gates of reality hath opened, and the gates of our institutions starting to close on us, let us remember that we, being the fooled by the system, the wretched of the earth to be, the social volcano is still starting to erupt. We may be starting to create our own lives, but still, the system paranoically limits our every move for the sake of order and their illusory peace, that only a tendency that is contrary to their norms is the solution.

Let the hatred of the Studentry and the Masses fear the cohorts of the rotten social order!
Let a real, comprehensive, progressive social change be commenced!