Wednesday, February 2, 2011

People's clinics and other medical, social services in Bicol-NDF

People's clinics and other medical, social services in Bicol*

Gregorio Bañares
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol
January 30, 2011

Almost 700 poor people in Bikol had been given free medical and dental services by the medics of the New People's Army and other Revolutionary forces in a newly-established "People's clinic" and other medical and social services.

People are long suffered from diseases and other types of illnesses yet the Reactionary government remained ignorant in giving medical services to the people. It grew worse due to heavy rainfall, flood and landside, resulting to damage to crops and famine amongst residents.

The NPA, along with the masses and the People's cooperatives, collected grain seeds, strengthened by cooperation and mutual help in farmlands, intensified production and solved the lack of food and continuous famine in the countryside.

* Translated from Pilipino.