Saturday, February 12, 2011

Futile 'rescue' operations for POW PO3 Sabatin in Southern Mindanao result to four casualties in AFP-PNP misencounter-NPA (NDF)

Futile 'rescue' operations for POW PO3 Sabatin in Southern Mindanao
result to four casualties in AFP-PNP misencounter*

Ka Roel Agustin II
Conrado Heredia Command,
Front 20 Operations Command,
NPA-Southern Mindanao
February 11, 2011

Ignoring calls by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines for a return to barracks as the GPH-NDF peace talks ensue next week, the AFP suffered a much-deserved defeat with its bungled "rescue" combat operation for NPA POW PO3 Jorge Sabatin in Agusan del Sur.

The 'rescue' operation mounted by combined forces of the AFP and PNP hit a disastrous snag when separate enemy columns encroaching into guerilla territory engaged in a misencounter at 3:00 early morning, February 11, at Sto. Cogonon, Brgy. Salvacion, Trento in Agusan del Sur. <-- more -->Two fascist troops were killed and another two wounded after a 30-minute firefight ensued between the forces of the 75th IB and a Scout Rangers Company of the AFP and the Special Action Force and Police Provincial Mobile Group of the PNP.

Expectedly, these so-called AFP/PNP rescue operations would end up in complete failures. Enemy troops much despised by the people are blind and deaf in the guerilla territories, and are wont to commit grave mistakes. These errors only heighten the demoralization of ordinary foot soldiers and prove the futility of such AFP/PNP combat missions.

This incident further confounds Agusan del Sur Provincial Police Chief Lt. Col. Joseph Plaza. Obviously writhing from the glare of public scrutiny following the February 1 NPA raid on the PNP extortion outpost in Trento, Lt. Col. Plaza has made himself very visible hurling garbage against the people's army. Attack is his last line of defense in trying to relieve his fascist ego -- covering up his incompetence and anomaly laid bare by the NPA punishment on Gov. Edward Adolph Plaza's private army.

The police chief sounded so pathetic as he demonized the people's army for according PO3 Jorge Sabatin the most humane treatment -- treating him as hors d'combat and taking him as a prisoner of war. Plaza can never comprehend the humanity of taking prisoners practiced by the people's army because he is a dyed-in-the-wool fascist bully so steeped in militarist indoctrination of taking no prisoners and summarily executing captured combatants. He is as loud as he is ignorant to the protocols of war.

Lt. Col. Plaza's blabber against the people's army exposes him further as a shameless apologist and protector of warlords, illegal logging and extortion racket. He has failed to mobilize his entire police force to dismantle Gov. Plaza's private army, put an end to the illegal logging, tong collection and extortion. Instead, he focused on exhausting his energy grandstanding in a media circus and boasting about "rescue" missions.

The New People's Army calls on the foot soldiers of the AFP/PNP to rebel against their corrupt and rotten armed organizations that put the lives of ordinary troops in the line of fire while the top brass fatten themselves up with kickbacks, bloodmoney, carnapping and extortion. We enjoin the people to be vigilant of these anomalies and follow suit with the current tide of whistleblowers that expose the endemic mercenary character of the AFP and the PNP.

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