Friday, February 25, 2011

Eagle Mining Company sanctioned by the NPA for environmentally-destructive mining!

Eagle Mining Company sanctioned by the NPA
for environmentally-destructive mining!*

Ka Norsen
Julito Tiro Command,
NPA-North Central Mindanao
February 26, 2011

The Ernesto "Boyboy" Roa Command Front 6 -- NPA under the Julito Tiro Command of North Central Mindanao Region disabled, on February 22 in Sitio Opis, Brgy. Namnam, San Fernando, Bukidnon, five (5) equipment units used by the Eagle Mining Company for mining. Punitive action was handed down to the said company for its environmentlly-destructive mining operations, for ignoring the demand of the Lumad in the area and church people for mining to stop, and, for threatening to file cases against and summarily killing some leaders who opposed the operations of the company.

The claim of the AFP, saying that the EMC was given sanction due to non-payment of revolutionary taxes, is a big lie. In truth, the AFP protects these companies that destroy the environment, and it is one of their sources of corruption. Government agencies, like the NCIP, DENR and the local government of Bukidnon, are in collusion with the company in these mining operations, especially with the speedy processing of the papers for the entry of said mining company. Consequently, big military operations are conducted in areas of interest to mining and agri-business companies.

The revolutionary movement cannot permit the continued destruction of the remaining natural resources of the country, which results in devastating calamities, such us flooding and the destruction of peasant livelihood. It is not right for the local government to simply hand over to foreign mining companies and their agencies remaining natural resources such minerals and natural forests. Genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization are still the correct way to resolve the uneven development of the Philippine economy.

It is the program of the people's revolutionary movement to defend remaining forests and natural resources for future generations. For as long as the strength of our forces permit, we shall work to ban, dismantle and disable all businesses that damage the environment and people's livelihood, and those which do not conform to the policies and programs of the revolutionary movement. We call on the people, church people and other enlightened sectors to strengthen our unity and resolutely oppose businesses that aim to destroy the environment.

Further, we call upon the people to take part in the People's Democratic Revolution, which aims to completely end the exploitation and oppression of foreign monopoly and its local lackeys to attain national liberation and new democracy.

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