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Intensify endeavor and participation in the New Democratic Revolution- CNL (NDF)

Intensify endeavor and participation in the New Democratic Revolution*

Ka Salome,
CNL-North-Eastern Mindanao
17 February 2011

39th Founding Anniversary statement of the Christians for National Liberation North-Eastern Mindanao

At last, after more than four decades of sweat, tears, and blood, the New Democratic Revolution will be stepping into another stage, the stage of strategic stalemate (42nd Anniversary Statement of the CPP) if the requirements will be fulfilled within five years. A glimpse of light of resurrection of the crucified and struggling populace is dawning, as global and national crisis worsen and as the revolutionary movement grows and becomes stronger.

Today marks the 39th founding Anniversary of the Christians for National Liberation (CNL), born in the worship room of the Sampaloc University Center in downtown Manila on February 17, 1972, just a few months before Martial Law terrorized the whole country.

Many lives from our churches have been offered to let grow and become strong the New Democratic Revolution. As we celebrate today, let us remember and offer prayers for them and all revolutionaries, reflecting on and internalizing their heroism and martyrdom. Let our celebrations be highlighted by the sincere renewal of our commitment to National Liberation and the New Democratic Revolution, the historical expression of our faith.

As we join the march led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) towards the stage of strategic stalemate, let us double our sacrifices and participation in the struggle. Revolution is not a party celebration usually enjoyed by the upper and ruling class. It is war to be fought for. We have to pass through Calvary before attaining resurrection and victory. Thus let our commitment be alive always. Let our participation be active, free from all liberal tendencies, courageous, self-denying, and resolute. Yes the road that we tread is steep, thorny and risky. But we can survive it all. Jesus Christ did survive in His time.

Liberalism is still raging in our ranks. Let us curb and annihilate it. Let our plans be diligently executed, especially those of expansion and consolidation.

Peace Talk of warring parties is going on. We struggle for just and lasting peace for the welfare of the people, not to serve the selfish interest of the ruling elite. We call all Christians and peace-loving citizens to support this endeavor. But be vigilant and ready to oppose any evil plan and move to derail the peace process just to protect the interest of the ruling elite and sacrifice the will of the masses.

There are reports that some of our churches experience clerico-fascism. Fascism has no place in Christianity. It should be properly documented, exposed and opposed no matter who the involved is.

Campaigns of the peasants for just sharing and genuine land reform should be supported. Anti-mining and anti-agribusiness campaigns should be supported too by all believers, in order to protect the environment and to save the livelihood and life of the community.

The resurrection of our people is still far enough to be reached. And the road is steep, rocky, thorny, and risky. Our journey requires deeper commitment, more participation, and more sacrifice, including death itself. Christians should not lose hope in the midst of trials, tribulations, and challenges. We should be more courageous! Our Founder Jesus Christ once said:

“Do not be afraid.” Mt. 28:10

“I am with you always until the end of this world.” Mt. 28:20

Thus Christians should double their participation in the struggle for national liberation. The Lord of history is with us!

Long live the New Democratic Revolution!

Long live the CNL!

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