Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NPA January 30 ambush targets 69th IB troops, not Sara; Sara always welcome in Davao base areas

NPA January 30 ambush targets 69th IB troops, not Sara;
Sara always welcome in Davao base areas*

Ka Parago,
1st Pulang Bagani Company,
Merardo Arce Command
NPA - Southern Mindanao
February 2, 2011

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte was not the target of the January 30 command-detonated explosive (CDX)-ambush carried out by the 1st Pulang Bagani Company-NPA. The successful tactical offensive was directed against a supply unit of the 69th Infantry Battalion-10th Infantry Division-AFP who had launched a massive combat and full blown military operation all over Paquibato, Davao City.

10th ID-AFP Spokesman Lt. Col. Joshua Santiago ludicrously referred to the 69th IB-AFP supply team as advance security forces for Sara Duterte to camouflage their combat and supply personnel that have been engaged in continuous full-scale combat operations in Paquibato since January 10. Santiago attempts to peddle fascist lies as the military aims to sweep under the rug the series of defeats the 10th ID-AFP sustained from the continuing NPA tactical offensives in Paquibato.

The January 30 CDX ambush could not have targeted Sara Duterte as the blast occurred in Purok 5, Barangay Mapula along an interior, mountainous and isolated route -- far away from the actual route and destination of Sara Duterte's personnel in Barangay Paquibato Proper. Sara Duterte's apparent uninformed pronouncements could only suggest that she is unaware of the ongoing massive combat operations in Paquibato and the mounting human rights violations of the 10th ID-AFP. It also appears that she is unaware that NPA punitive actions against the abusive 69th IB-AFP troops are regularly conducted anywhere and at anytime in its area of jurisdiction.

It is not the best interest and principle of the NPA and the masses to attack GRP civil servants like Sara Duterte who has worked for dialogue in the base areas like Paquibato where poor peasants have been at the receiving end of the 10th ID-AFP's continuing brutality.

Inday Sara is always welcome in the Paquibato base areas. The revolutionary mass base looks forward to her visits and assures her safety. Moreso when timely communication is relayed and proper coordination is observed by her office with revolutionary authorities in the guerilla bases. As in the past, the Davao City Mayor need not tag along an entourage of heavy military escorts just to deliver social services to the people because the revolutionary mass base and the People's Democratic Government shall be her protection.

The revolutionary movement once again cordially invites Mayor Inday Sara to come to the Davao base areas. It would be a good opportunity for her to learn and see for herself the sad plight of the people made worse by the onslaught of the 10th ID-AFP's full-scale military operations.

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