Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corrupted Generalship, Fascist hordes

Corrupted Generalship, Fascist hordes

Last time we've witnessed the events that is, purely controversial. As the AFP generalship got a massive dose of criticism and persecution from Senate and th due to its anomalies emanated from them-one of which is corruption charges.

Starting from AFP's comptroller Garcia, followed by the statements coming from whistleblowers Lt. Col. George Rabusa and COA's Heidi Mendoza, and the latest suicide of former Defense secretary Angelo Reyes, the events involving corrupt AFP officials, if not the generalship, nearly tarnished the reputation of the institution notorious for Human Rights abuses, Fascist terrorism, and the like.

And since the armed forces nowadays trying to clean off their ranks from their refuse, will they still gain their so-called "prestige" as what they trying to carry on? They are all being tainted with anything that is, controversial. Nowadays the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, or even the Judge Advocate General's Office are investigating the practises laid by the AFP whilst the People's Court of the CPP-NDF's "Liberated Areas" are investigating the oppressive actions laid by these sons-of-the-guns in the countryside. And the people behind those actions laid upon them are thus-trying to deny accusations and to do selective amnesia if they don't chose the Reyes' way.

How about the lower ranks?
The lower ranks are starting to question about these events happened all created by these upperclassmen, barons of the Armed Forces. The shoes, uniforms they wore, guns they carried, everything out of mode are too far from the houses, cars and cash all got by these old men who had done simply looking on the frontline or sitting idle at their offices. Let us compare the AFP to their archenemy the NPA, who's got the iron discipline? This is not a question of warfare but of ethics. The latter spoke of western-style ethics while the latter based on simple ones what Mao Ze Dong, or perhaps Sun Tzu made so. Once I think if anything is based on this:

The Three Main Rules of Discipline:
Obey orders in all your actions.
Do not take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses.
Turn in everything captured.

The Eight Points for Attention:
Speak politely.
Pay fairly for what you buy.
Return everything you borrow.
Pay for anything you damage.
Do not hit or swear at people.
Do not damage crops.
Do not take liberties with women.
Do not ill-treat captives.

Will the AFP succeed? Will it help in reforming themselves as part of their program? Or fail as future actions laid by some generals and other staff continues to do their dirty job? Imagine, the generals got a bigger chunk from the National Budget while the teachers, some government employees got nothing? The dirty jobs, guised in a form of "Operation Plans" are even fueled much by the money being given to them by the administrations they've served, that they disregard "ethics" in favor of sweep police actions in the name of "counterinsurgency" and "police action." Yet they failed to reach the hearts and minds of the people except paid ones. Same as the buying of personal accessories coming from the money that is, supposedly for their modernisation projects. Isn't it obvious that they are creating soldiers acting as bandits, murderers, thieves than gentlemen?

After all, the remains coming from the Macabebe Scouts, opportunist and corrupt members of the Aguinaldo clique, as well as the American-Trained men like Fabian Ver et al. are as if their inspiration over their supposed ones like Bonifacio and Luna. So is the traces of their so-called "traditions". Will the people accept them? I doubt.