Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting inspired by the Thomasian grandeur and Katleah..

Getting inspired by the Thomasian grandeur and Katleah...

Regarding the writer's visit to the University of Santo Tomas
in its commemoration of 400 years, and the drawing of Katleah, this time as a Crusader

I was quite amazed by the majestic appearance laid by the University of Santo Tomas community in their 400th year celebration last January. And as I looked upon it, it was Espana y Pilipina rolled into one as most of its audience, the students, friars and members of the entire community, paid respects to their patron saint, as well as the Spanish Dominican founders, and famous ex-alumnos who made USTe feel to its peoples "an unending grace."

And as I enter its premises, I personally again think about a maiden named Katleah.

I don't know why upon entering the Espana campus lies recalling her appearance-from the brown to gold hairstyle, Sino-Hispanic like features, well-good body built and semi-boyish attitude (based on my description), Katleah again once more became an object of artworks-perhaps because of getting inspired by the events happened in USTe.

And that time, acting as a "Crusader" in my set drawings, whether with her sword raised or with the retinue of Friars garb in old Dominican habits and laymen in Mediaeval garb, Katleah is described most as "deviant" to the typical female of the age old times-like those of Jeanne d'Arc and Queen Elizabeth I of England. For information, these personalities also served as an inspiration for my artwork, in creating Katleah as a warrior maiden (that started years ago).

And personally to say that because of the events happened, first after seeing them via the window of bus and on the last day, going directly to meet my colleagues; even reading one of their coffee table books describing UST's history and the like, or even my ancestor's pictures and anecdotes (I am not a Thomasian so to speak, but I pay tribute to my ancestors although I defied their suggestion to study there), served as a factor in creating Katleah-this time under the Auspices of the Black and White, yet remained Red and defiant against the rotten order (like those from ACT NOW!).

Perhaps I was being compelled by the surroundings to draw that's why. And once even compared Benavides's statue with those of Lenin's, and on one article made by L. M. Guererro about the Quattromondial to the one based from the Soviet Union!

Rose Vignette-1875-1909

The Rose vignette, used by the institution till 1909 even reminds of tattoos since Roses are sometimes being drawn on the back or on the chest, as well as the band "Guns and Roses" whose logo includes red roses as its design. To tell frankly, too "Gothic" so to say. Same as the coat of arms one I recognized before the current one, that seemed to be "suitable" as a "greater coat of arms" while the current one as the lesser.

And cut the long story short, the grandeur of what is, Thomasian, left profound memories of experiencing the nostalgia being shared to its legions, being imbued with unending grace.