Saturday, February 12, 2011

The dirt remains despite the cleanliness

The dirt remains despite the cleanliness

Regarding Angelo Reyes, AFP's corrupt practises, rottenness as part of the system

By Katleah Iskre Ulrike

The recent suicide of former AFP chief of staff and Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes disrupted the investigations as the entire Armed Forces were in disarray all due to the corrupt practises made by the generalship and the staff.

Yes, and what we've witnessed is how Reyes didn't speak and instead leaving the question regarding the rampant corruption unanswered-that he himself doing the absolute form of escapism what Emile Durkheim stated. Isn't it obvious that he's acting cowardly by doing it instead of telling the truth as a soldier? Is the AFP generalship nearly getting conscienced all due to the statements made by Rabusa and Mendoza? And instead immediately cleaning off their mess in their ranks?

The media this time praised Reyes and his works as a general while back then threwing off dirt over him, yet it seems that his death stunted the investigations regarding the corrupt practises in the institution, worse as the AFP is also infamous for its repressive actions in the name of "Counterinsurgency" and "Anti-terrorism" like Oplan Bantay Laya I and II, and this time being replaced by Oplan Bayanihan, may add much tarnishness to its so-called prestige thanks to the generals behind these actions whether Corrupt or Fascist like those of Palparan and his notorious band of murderers marauding over the countryside.

And the practises what the AFP tolerated also affected the National budget given by the Government! Being the one who had the biggest chunk over Education and Social Services, the "Defense Budget", supposedly leading to the Modernization plans and services for the AFP, obviously end up in the coffers of certain individuals similar to the "Pork Barrel" in the legislature. Isn't it nasty to think how the AFP usually got the biggest chunk for their needs while the Education, Social Services received little? Is Aquino really made change? Or just parroting it while tolerating Arroyo's?

Speaking of Arroyo, how come her administration didn't look upon the acts regarding the Military? We've witnessed Gudani and other generals during the Hello Garci controversy, so is Garcia during his alleged practises; but how come the Aquino presidency and not of Arroyo, who used to be a micromanager, looking at things seriously so to say, this time unveiled the crisis, anomalies within these men-in-arms? Is Arroyo tolerated them, or also participated in these actions being commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces? To tell frankly, that sonofabitch is simply in need of kickbacks that she opted to tolerate than to destroy what is being done in the AFP. That aside from treating political prisoners as criminals, of having their dignified job as a lucrative business-Bureaucrat Capitalism indeed! And regardless of their non-involvement, Arroyo, meant to be the Commander-in-chief should also implicate, since she tolerate that kind of mess being done by those men in arms during her rule.

And as for Reyes, who is destined to be buried in the "Heroes Cemetery" for his "Work" as a General, how come he became a hero yet he gave mining contracts like a "fire sale" according to Carlo Cielo? Especially to the foreigners who wanted to extract the Philippines' natural resources, especially from the mountains of Sierra madre and others in its isles? Isn't it far from what a "Hero" speaks of, or as Cielo stated:

"How come he gave it all our wealth so easily? How come he became a 'National Hero?'
Isn't supposed to be called a 'Traitor?'"

Well... just like the AFP Generalship who got much money from the National budget, so is in other Government Departments who just simply "agrees" certain actions contrary to the laws in exchange for a "kickback." Poor Angie, how come he preferred to die than to be strong. Poor Garcia, how come he got to extract the budget being the comptroller of the institution?

The controversies happened this day may likely to be described as a part of their lives, a dirt that is difficult to be wipe out or be thoroughly scrubbed. That despite Reyes' death, doesn't mean that the investigations be stopped temporarily and the congress be acting "kindly" to those who are being persecuted. Compare the ones to the people's court, justice is so swift that most suspects are facing death all due to their actions like stealing a carabao or raping a village maiden; how about corruption, financial opportunism in other words, will these accused personnel, and members of the AFP Generalship met the sentence that is...Death?

Back then Germany during Hitler's time, the Volksgerichtshof of the Third Reich carried justice swiftly that one of its judges, Roland Freisler, took every cases too seriously and the accused be sentenced to death whether from the Guillotine or hanging using Piano Wire in Plötzensee prison. And its victims, like the White Rose group to the German Generals like Canaris and Stauffenberg, are being executed due to their "crimes against the state" and other related acts detrimental to the Reich itself. The corruption in the AFP should have been trialed like that if there is a Volksgerichtschof-like tribunal carrying its sentence. So is in China, during Mao's time, the campaigns against Bureaucrat Capitalism lay towards this:

corruption (反对贪污)
waste (反对浪费)
bureaucracy (反对官僚主义)

And its actions involving:

bribery (反对行贿)
theft of state property (反对盗骗国家财产)
tax evasion (反对偷税漏税)
cheating on government contracts (反对偷工减料)
stealing state economic information (反对盗窃国家经济情报)

The Three anti/Five anti campaigns made during that time laid both successes and excesses that, involved making confessions admitting their mistakes against the Government and the people. This process, meant to be a part of criticism-and-self criticism amongst Government officials implicated in their crimes laid enough means putting them into discipline better than their armed counterparts, after all it also shows how people's power is too.

Well...In the end, regardless of their so-called changes in the institution, the dirt will always remain a part of their lives. So is the description what their enemies thinking of-Ladrones y Bandoleros, Fascistas!