Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are the Arab protests inculcate Arab Unity?

Are the Arab protests inculcate Arab Unity?

By Katleah Iskre Ulrike

To the ruling class, it is Anarchy, but to the protesters, it is Revolution.

AS news around the world featured the protests in the promised Al Watan al Arabiyya with tremeandous praise and criticisms as it's replies. Yes, since most Arab people, from Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia), Libya, Egypt, even Bahrain and Yemen are experiencing protests against regimes that is, supposedly "progressive" in its character.

First and formost, how come there will be protests since all of it are "progressive?" Well... most protesters tell that rampant corruption, plutocracy, nepotism, to the rise of bread and call for bigger salaries and benefits caused major protests and outmost opposition all despite countless casualties coming from them. But to the West, they call it much as "Pro-Democratic", but the fact is-wanting systems and orders agreeing to their policies and other related matter.

In Libya, I fairly notice that the protests signified the People trying to reclaim what the first part of "Green Book" stating about the The Authority of the People', and according to the author, the Caid Qaddafi, told about that the winner in the struggle for power is always an instrument of government - an individual, party, class; and the loser is always the people, which is, according to the author of the book, a true democracy. With the political struggle often leads to the rise to power of the guns of government, which is a minority. That is, all existing political regimes falsify genuine democracy and are dictatorships. If so, then the Caid, and even the people itself seemingly faced what the scripture foretold in it- and the protests, mass actions, defections, responses from the system and the like signified how "power struggle" and the "Authority of the People" really is.

So is Egypt, still in the middle of a chaos, the remnants of the old system tried enough to restore order, yet still protests continue to dominate in the streets of Cairo crying for bread and freedom! Same as in Yemen wherein the actions laid by the people, are obviously out of economic and social conditions prevailing all after the reunification of two Yemens under Ali Abdullah Saleh in the late 20th century.

And upon looking at every event in the video, I notice that will these events inculcate Arab unity according to their aspirations? Remember, most Arabs, aside from wanting "Freedom", "Justice", "Democracy", "Peace", "Bread", they wanted genuine unity as they themselves, people of the desert, wandering for years and populating the fertile crescent and the African desert north, wanted a nation that is, greater than their current ones, of what Nasser hath wanted aside from dreaming an Arab homeland free from repression and despotism both domestic and foreign. However, as we dig deeper, seems that foreign interests tried much to turn the spontaneous actions of the masses into an action that as if fit for their own taste. Remember Nicaragua?

To a writer, these events, despite its call for freedom, may rather lead to submission than to its supposed premonition. The world, especially the west are looking at them and as if taking it as an opportunity for these nations to submit to an order that is theirs. We all remember that America is against Qaddafi, that through a hodge-podge of propaganda coming from the west urges them to "take revolt" but in fact, the West itself wanted a conspiracy due to having not enough concessions from a Caid whose distaste for American Imperialism and advocating Pan-Arab unity meant turning against the oil barons. They even want a government that they can "own" outright, lock, stock and barrel-as they have never forgiven Qaddafi for overthrowing the monarchy and nationalizing the oil industry.

We must also remember that, according to Fidel Castro of Cuba in his column "Reflections" takes note of imperialism's hunger for oil and warns that the U.S. is laying the basis for military intervention in Libya. Yes, we've seen the revolts-some are justified, others are unjustified that as if all are supposedly made in the 1980s! For sure Reagan and the "Christian Right" are starting to laugh over about the events happened this time, but it also doesn't mean that these countries may possibly turning themselves over to the almighty west, to be led by the United States.

As we sum all of these, these actions are rather a premonition, a dress rehearsal for a greater rebellion that may greatly harm the West and its stooges in every country like this oil rich Al Watan Al Arabiyya. Like the past, for sure they still cling for Unity aside from the "Freedom", "Justice", and "Democracy", but will they accept the might of the great West? They are all been victims of Imperialism for years, so how come will they accept the their treacherous hands again? Oh god! People call for freedom but the ones who as if really "supported" it for sure wanted Oil!

And thus, it simply all ends with this, as what Mao said:
"To rebel is to be justified"
And the actions in the Great Al Watan Al Arabiyya perhaps may pave way to another wave, this time around the world in midst of the crisis, this time pointing against the ruling gentries who kept on bannering "Freedom" and "Democracy" to justify their dictatorships.