Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aquino's PDP, another anti-progress World Bank economic blueprint--CPP (NDF)

Aquino's PDP, another anti-progress World Bank economic blueprint--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
February 27, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) dismissed the Aquino government's Philippine Development Plan for 2011-2016 as "another anti-progress World Bank-imposed economic blueprint that will only lead the Philippines to a deepening and worsening economic crisis."

The CPP issued this statement a day after the Philippine Development Forum (PDF) was held to discuss the PDP 2011-2016. The PDF is chaired by the Department of Finance and co-chaired by the World Bank.

"The PDP 2011-2016 is an economic program that follows the old World Bank and IMF framework of liberalization, privatization, deregulation and denationalization. This is the same old economic frame that guided the failed Philippines 2000 of the Ramos regime as well as the nine-year economic disaster under the previous Arroyo government," said the CPP.

"Aquino is singing the same old IMF-WB tune that has made the Philippines a debt-dependent economic disaster," added the CPP. "He has not come up with any economic thrust that is different from the failed economic blueprints of the past reactionary regimes."

"Just like the economic programs of the past 25 years, Aquino's PDP completely ignores the persistent problem of landlessness in the countryside," said the CPP. "Without carrying out genuine land reform to break up land monopoly, the peasant majority will only continue to suffer from mass poverty and deprivation."

"His economic program is bound to fail as it does not even heed the demand for land of the thousands of tillers and workers in his very own Hacienda Luisita," said the CPP. "Instead, Aquino's land policy consists only of providing opportunities for foreign mining operations and economic zones for big foreign capitalists."

"As in the past, Aquino's IMF-WB designed economic program hinges on foreign debt and investments," added the CPP. "Under his Public-Private Partnership Program, funds are allocated to guarantee profits for foreign big capitalists and their local big comprador and bureaucrat partners. Instead, funds should be appropriated to land distribution and to develop local scientific and technological research and development to spur industrial development, local manufacturing and the expansion of agricultural output."

"Otherwise, as before, Aquino's PDP will fail to address the festering problem of mass unemployment. Being dependent on foreign debt and investments, the only kind of employment that will be generated will be those that are geared towards the needs and interests of foreign big capitalists. They will not address the needs of local economic development."

"Aquino's PDP will amount to nothing more than generating more 'call-center'-based employment, instead of solid jobs based on fundamental economic growth," added the CPP.

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