Saturday, October 9, 2010

Report kay Boss is no Alo Presidente

Report kay Boss is no Alo Presidente

by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

Last Thursday, October 7 2010, President Benigno Aquino III "reported" to the people regarding certain priorities he undertaken in his administration. Dubbed as "Report kay Boss" (Report to Boss), this populist act is an attempt to curry favor with the people-all despite the anomalies his administration affected him in his actions.

As I spoke the latter, the anomalies, these somehow posed much as a hindrance-especially those that is, purely anti-people and a continuation of neoliberal, oligarchic traditions prevailing through the years. And "Report kay Boss" also tends much to act similar to the past populist ones, especially Erap's "Erap Para sa Mahirap" (Erap for the Poor) and other related programs.

And how come people will rally over him, a haciendero? He's even different from his father, less similar from his mother and more of his uncle who "owns" Hacienda Luisita. The massacres at Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita created a notorious atmosphere over them, that despite denying it, it shows how desperate are they, both the administration and the family in upholding their properties, and even the tradition of the rotten system.

But despite the scripted words, actions related to that said program laid by "our dear leader", as well as its successes given, it lies enough criticism-especially when it comes to education, distribution of social services as well as corruption amongst government officials in the present time. Speaking of education, Aquino spoke of additional budgets while at the same time approving tuition and other fee increases, budget cuts on State Colleges and Universities, as well as the proposed K12 program that in fact, forcing students not to attend college in favor of becoming laborers-that is, workers upon reaching 18 years of age.

If that's the case, how come he spoke of additional budgets? For what purpose, populism? Well... he spoke of it while at the same time noticing how the state is attempting to abandon state funding on SCUs; to the fact that they emphasize much on defending the rotten system (defense budget), as according to UP's Philippine Collegian, it said:

"Due to the austerity measures of the Aquino administration and the initial implementation of the ZBB, various economic services will suffer cuts in 2011, including agriculture with a P23.1 billion cut; communication and transportation with P7.9 billion; water resources development and flood control with P4 billion; and power and energy with P3.4 billion. Subsidy for vital social services such as health and allocations for state universities and colleges (SU Cs) also decreased. The Department of Health will suffer a 3.5 percent decrease in allocation from the current P40 billion to P38.6 billion. Also, the budget for all 112 SU Cs also decreased by 1.7 percent to P23.4 billion.

While the government allots a measly portion of the budget pie to basic services, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police will be given 18 percent and 13 percent increase in their budgets, respectively."

So where is the increase if there are decreases? Isn't it obvious that "our dear leader" is doing a lip service for his amigos? For the clique? For the system in general?

Again, according to the Collegian:

"In a statement, Aquino defended the cuts in basic services, saying that his administration is putting a premium on services such as education. For 2011, the Aquino administration raised the budget for the Department of Education by 13 percent or P31 billion.

“Aquino and his budget team should refrain from issuing statements that education is a major priority in the current administration when in fact, he is slowly abandoning the youth,” Palatino said, explaining that despite the increase in funding for basic education, subsidy for higher education is continually decreasing. In his 2011 budget message, Aquino said the government is “gradually reducing the subsidy to SUCs to push them toward becoming self-sufficient and financially independent, given their ability to raise their income and to utilize it for their programs and projects.”

Based on Collegian data, when adjusted based on inflation, the real value of the P23.4 billion subsidy for SUCs in 2011 will only be equal to around P13.4 billion, almost the same with the P13.8 billion inflation-adjusted subsidy for SUCs in 2000."

Well... step by step, slowly the administration really wants to abandon state funding in educational institutions. They may have spoke of "self reliance" and "self development" but then these institutions he wanted to do a laissez faire are a part of an obligation, ordering the government to fund them greatly as according to the constitution. Being self reliant is good but then, these institutions was, and is, and still be supported by the government, and having a large chunk of its budget, greater than defence or whatsoever is better.

In addition to that,
"Report kay Boss" is far from any show depicting leaders showing proposals or criticizing state affairs like those of Chavez's "Alo Presidente." Erap's "Jeep ni Erap" was somewhat tried to do so but it failed despite its populist approach with the help of "socialists" in his own camp. "Report kay Boss" also does not really speak of much truth due to its scripted appeal, it is even far from Magsaysay's programmes that in fact well supported by the Americans too. Noynoy may have also wanted that speaking of American aid in terms of economic and social ones while bannering progress so to speak, if that's the case, where is self reliance?

"In bad english, you are a bad donkey Mr. danger!"
-Hugo Frias Chavez

Will Noynoy do so? A la Alo Presidente? He even spoke to us that we are his boss through his "Kayo ang Boss ko" statement, and if that's the case, how come he needs to have budget cuts, approving increases, of defending the system's interests as its minions continue do its murderous actions against activists? He simply messed up with us then, or in Chavez's words:
"Te metiste conmigo, pajarito"
or in english:
"You messed up with me little birdie."
or rather say,

To sum all these, Report kay Boss and other similar acts Noynoy do so are no Alo Presidente, nor the system is not really for the people despite its hodge-podge of vocabulary, it simply remains as it is, puppets of the imperialists, defenders of the old feudal tradition, enforcer of draconian morality trying to bastardise the name of democracy.