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Grandiose imperialist deception-NDF

Grandiose imperialist deception*

Editorial 2
Ang Bayan
October 7, 2010

The United Nations set in the year 2000 the so-called Millennium Development Goals (MDG)--eight targets purporting to resolve poverty and concomitant global problems by 2015. Ten years after, it is clear that the MDG has no other objective but to serve as window dressing for neoliberalism and cover up the brutal onslaught of imperialist globalization and aggression.

US imperialism put up the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) as its own instrument in pushing for the MDG. The MCA is being utilized to fund so-called poverty alleviation programs as well as projects to uplift the low quality of life of people living in impoverished countries. Such assistance is granted on condition that the donees implement the imperialist policies of privatization, liberalization and deregulation and do not default on their debts. It is these same policies that the International Monetary Fund and World Bank (IMF-WB) have been pushing for decades.
The MDG is now one of the instruments being used by imperialist countries to keep poor countries backward, unindustrialized, mendicant and subjugated.

Through this, the imperialists deflect the people's attention from the root causes of their poverty and shift it to shallow indicators of poverty and socio-economic problems. Meantime, imperialists are able to continue with their plunder as they divert the people with such lofty targets. Even as they give doleouts, monopoly capitalists further tighten their hold on worldwide food production and supply systems. As it is in the Philippines, many countries are now dependent on food imports while the old feudal and semifeudal land monopoly exists and foreign imperialists aong with their local co-conspirators in agribusiness, mining and logging lord it over.

Doleouts are provided for primary education but governments slash budgets for public education as part of the austerity measures dictated by the IMF-WB. Worldwide, almost half of the youth of high school age are unable to go to school. Simultaneously, the privatization and commercialization of education is being pushed. Schools are made to serve as molders of personnel whose skills are appropriate to the needs of multinational corporations.

Free health programs for mothers and infants are offered, but public hospitals and health services in general are allowed to go to pot. In the name of guaranteeing “intellectual property rights,” imperialist companies are able to maintain atrociously high prices of medicines, thus depriving millions of people of access to affordable medicines. Almost nine million children younger than five years of age die annually, mainly because of malnutrition, the spread of preventable diseases and lack of clean water and sanitation.

Declarations have been made on the need to protect the environment, but the MDG is utterly useless in the face of the destruction wrought by monopoly capitalists whose only interest is to plunder and extract superprofits. Monopoly capitalist companies in the fields of energy, manufacturing, transportation, industrial agriculture, mining and construction, among others spew destructive chemicals without letup, causing dangerous changes in global climates and wreaking havoc on the lives of many peoples.

Mountains, bodies of water and entire land masses have been completely destroyed by mining, logging and other plunderous operations that are accompanied by widespread abuse, brutality, evacuations, destruction of livelihoods and other violations of the rights of the local population.

The MDG does not have any genuine intention of solving poverty, hunger, widespread disease and corruption. It pays no heed to demands for social justice and basic changes that the progressive forces and people's movements have been clamoring for worldwide. In fact, the MDG is nothing but a grandiose scheme and propaganda offensive of monopoly capitalism to halt the advance of the progressive forces and people against imperialist neoliberal globalization.

It covers up imperialist wars of aggression and the squandering of huge resources, the continued existence of colonialism and neocolonialism and monopoly capitalist greed which has condemned most countries and the majority of the world's population to endless bondage and oppression.

It is currently the duty of the revolutionary and progressive forces the world over to expose the emptiness of this gradiose imperialist scheme that is the MDG. The impoverished peoples of the world who comprise the majority must be made conscious of this scheme, and their attention and actions focused on the need for a decisive solution to injustice and oppression which are rooted in the rottenness of societies ruled by imperialism.

In every corner of the globe, wherever are found the poor, the deprived, the enslaved and oppressed, revolutionary struggle and widespread mass movements must be thoroughly advanced against imperialism and reaction. There must be massive, all-out and continuing education, organizing and mobilization of the majority for national and social liberation and all-sided development.

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