Saturday, October 9, 2010

Having a lower mark for Noynoy is true, the higher marks? Scripted

Having a lower mark for Noynoy is true,
the higher marks? Scripted

by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

Last time, we read news reports regarding the results of "our dear leader" Noynoy Aquino's 100 days as our president. And most people seemingly have mixed ideas in it. Some called it a major failure, or to his loyalists a bigger success-simply because he is the son of a hero and of a former president.

But then,
Despite the grades given to him in his first 100 days, it lies hidden realities to justify his failure greater than his successes. He may have tried to do transparency, but the result? Greater damage to his administration, good isn't it that he wanted transparency until it unveils a scam that affects his colleagues, doing notorious things like Jueteng and the like, as well as matters that nearly plunged his administration to a failure like the hostage crisis, therefore where is the successes given by his administration? They are just mere paper proposals not being enacted, mere plans to be set up while the actions being set upon focused on these: tragedies, anomalies, and similar negatives that may likely to pull Noynoy down and be criticized.

And as time goes by, we have sought proposals trying to be enacted, but then it rather intensifies enough criticism, especially coming from the students, the urban poor as well as the peasantry when it comes to education, social services and of agrarian affairs.

The K12 program, devised by the Department of Education, boasts of having its graduates suitable for employment, which also means for the masses not to enter college and instead be as modern-day slaves being exported around the world, isn't it desperate as the officials telling the people "saves money" or "improves the status of our education" that in fact, degenerates as expenses would gone too far since it includes private schools willing to participate in the process, and thus it involves money people ought to pay with!

Same as in social services, wherein they allow the past administration's legacy that is, also tainted by corruption and using it as a propaganda tool to fool the people. Housing projects became a subject of anomalies that involves money, renting, that caused enough criticism from the people. Globe Asiatique, Pag-Ibig Fund? Philheath cards? Forced removal of residents from barangay San Roque for a residence near a death zone? All of these manifests the government's willingness to do a laissez faire on social services and end up into the few who requires exorbitant payment, less welfare, more profits and thinking of it as a mere charity work. We have encountered much of attempts, government appeals for budget cuts all for the goddamn sake of additional budgets for the military as well as kickbacks for corrupt officials.

So is in agrarian affairs, as the campesino, the farmer hath still continue fighting for genuine agrarian reform after the failure of the government's program, to the fact that the program caters instead to the landlords, to companies guising themselves as institutions "that benefits the entire peasantry." How come? Danding Cojuangco as the godfather of agrarian reform? Stock Distribution option while the average salary of the campesino is 9.50 pesos?
According to Ang Bayan, made last 1998, it said:

"...Under the Aquino (pertains to Cory, not Noynoy) regime's sham land reform law, stock distribution is considered a form of land distribution to enable landlords to escape actual land distribution even as they pretend to affirm land reform. In Hacienda Luisita, farmlands were integrated into a bigger agricultural, commercial and industrial corporation and assigned an assessed value equivalent to more than 33% of the shares of stock in the new corporation. Nominally, ownership of the hacienda lands were transferred to the farm workers, making them co-owners of the corporation along with the likes of Jose 'Peping' Cojuangco and Corazon Aquino. But their shares were of no use. T

hey could do nothing even as bigger and bigger portions of the hacienda were no longer used for agriculture and converted to real estate, commercial and industrial use; even as they were laid off from their jobs; and even as they were evicted from the very land they had long been living in."

That scheme continues to creep until today, all despite opposition from the entire peasantry and the recent Hacienda Luisita massacre that justifies the system's defence of the feudal traditions infused with capitalist interests, and somehow becomes a justifiable mean to criticize today's administration, due to the actions pointed against the peasantry!

But still, Most of us were quite becoming too ignorant, apathetic regarding the results of the Aquino's first 100 days of his administration, again, most people think positive just because of his still-paper programs, or his lineage from the former President and a statesman! They simply don't know about the anomalies that still haunted his administration very much, then criticizing us, critics of his administration? Telling us to shut up and instead help in his task regardless of his disapproval in a popular agenda and instead from the profiteers? Sounds desperate so to say in telling us to join in his! After all, the problems that continue creeping, whether it was from the past or made today will make Noynoy having some lower marks than higher ones, worse if those higher marks are scripted with the help of his press secretary and the communications clique of Carandang et al.

Speaking of Carandang et al. are they the new Remondes? Ermitas? Gonzaleses? Well... keep up their work justifying the higher marks despite the lower marks issued by the people greater than what they have spoke to the people; they may have spoke of it too much, but still the fact lies in the actions that caused their boss having a lower mark, a lower grade, a reprobado!