Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Overmen to Nowheremen

Overmen to Nowheremen

Regarding Slaves in the name of "Pleasure" and Overmen against Overmen

Man tends to love pleasure the way man tends to love his neighbor, however not all things around are pleasurable, but rather addictive as it continuously do and think of, to the extent that man's very own consciousness isn't much of a man but of a thing, device limited to do such things, a slave in his own corner difficult to break away from the cycle.

How come man is reduced to a device due to that pleasure?
As man, in Ayn Rand's idea "ought to love pleaure" are signified by continuous urges to do things, regardless of what it is, just to say as "pleasurable." Greed perhaps in Ayn Rand's idea is pleasurable for to her it is resulted of your "work."

But then,
As it continues to be tolerated, that "pleasure", driven by urges, made an individual a slave for such urges whilst thinking of it as nothing except pleasure. Obviously, as culture nowadays, manifested by tremeandous influx of mass-produced music, visual arts, all made, that is meaningless, "for sake" by artists and cherished by many, called every individual "to love pleasure" regardless of what is coming, regardless of the reality happened, that, sadly to say "they are eaten by that pleasure" in the guise of "joining into the flow." Lu Xun would have also think that "pleasure" under control of a clique "eats people" in a variety of ways like morality.

And capitalists nowadays, all despite the crisis, tend to steer backwards thanks to Ayn Rand and her "Objectivism." And if so, then they are also trying hard followers of Neitzsche, that as if professed as Overmen wanting to dominate, all driven by pleasure somehow, that includes accumulation of profits, less emphasis on welfare, small or no governments and so forth, that it even increases tension and ailienation especially to the "have-nots" who, despite working hard earned less, that despite saving their bread meet higher debts and prices!

But not all Neitzscheans are into Ayn Rand. Whilst the Overmen, supposedly as a new human who's to be "neither master nor slave" all coming from every rotten society around the world, it be fulfilled? Especially though mere supraindividualist means? Lucky if you are like the Unabomber!

It doesn't mean that a Neitzschean is limited to an uberindividualist utopian being. And since it recognizes that no individual has value or dignity except as creator and transvaluator of cultural values whose creativity serves the future, of thinking that the individual as of instrumental value, yet having their function as essential, since they, and not institutions, systems create cultures.

despite of its creations, contributions, its primary value coming from it are neither from the individual nor to the culture, but rather to the society, to the surrounding. That the individual who do so based everything from the surrounding, to every matter he held, see, feel in its senses and not from a mere speck of his consciousness, a characteristic of a man-centeredness guised as "knowledge and innovation." And if creating cultures are freely as man also ought to be free, then it is possibly freely desire to subordinate their individual, un or mis-organized creativity into an organized one, specifically of the collective the way man is freely to organize a collective! Such idea, so to speak tells us that man is the creator of history and the master of his own fate, and somehow that redeeming man meant breaking the chains and redeem his desires-as the state withers so ends repression and be as Overmen who are "neither master nor slave."

Personally, I think that in the other life, Ayn Rand would have met her adversary in the man named Pol Pot. Both may agree and argue, especially in this dictum:

"To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss."

If so, then how come?
For sure most Capitalists are secretly agreeing in that dictum as obiously, with contractualization as a law having their right to impose workers to work in a limited month, year then be replaced off away with low wage and little or no benefit. In short, they disregard them, no benefit and no loss since they have pumped much profits from those who work in a limited day, week, month, or year only to be fired away, and somehow frankly speaking, it is their pleasure to do so-their job of gaining and firing.

As time passed by, and features changing, humanity's will to be "Overmen", "neither Master nor Slave" remains the same, but not in a rotten system as of this day-that through destroying its vestiges lies man's emancipation from the cycle and to bring forth his creativity in a new scale, that is according to the realities that created his consciousness.