Thursday, April 7, 2011

KCNA Commentary: Tok Islets Are Part of Inviolable Territory of Korea

KCNA Commentary: Tok Islets Are Part of Inviolable Territory of Korea

Pyongyang, April 4 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries are becoming all the more undisguised in their moves to seize Tok Islets.

On March 30 the Japanese authorities instructed officials to make sure that new textbooks for middle schools for 2011 described Tok Islets as part of Japan′s territory and the kinds of those books are increased.

Explicitly speaking, this is a wonton violation of the sovereignty of Korea and an act of aggression.

Tok Islets are part of the inviolable territory of Korea.

Korea was the first to discover the islets and put them under its jurisdiction. Korea was also the first to reconfirm the dominium over the islets as required by a modern law and declare it internally and externally.

Tok Islets are part of the inalienable territory of Korea in the light of the principle of the prior occupation, the requirement of international law for putting land under one′s jurisdiction, as well as in the light of the principle of effective domination and management of it.

They were marked as part of the territory of Korea on maps drawn by the U.S. and Britain for the confirmation of Japan′s territory right after the Second World War.

These islets were not included in the large Japanese map drawn by the department of staff officers of the Japanese army in 1877 and in another map drawn by the land measurement board in 1899.

Historical facts prove that Tok Islets are part of the inalienable territory of Korea and this was recognized not only by the international community but by Japan.

Japan′s moves to seize Tok Islets were not prompted by its ignorance of international law or by a wrong understanding of historical data. These are designed to realize its wild ambition for aggression.

By putting those islets under its control Japan seeks to turn them into an outpost and military bridgehead from which to launch reinvasion of Korea and other Asian countries and to monopolize economic concessions including marine and underwater resources rich in the waters around the islets.

To this end, it is trying to implant the militarist idea into the Japanese people and youngsters through the education in the distorted history and thus hurl them as a shock brigade and cannon fodder for a seizure of islets and a war.

This is the most hideous of the crimes being committed by Japan before the times and history.

What matters is that it is being openly committed under the direct command and manipulation of the Japanese government.

Japan is persisting in its moves to grab Korea′s territory far from making an apology and reparation for the crimes it committed against the Korean people in the past. This is intolerable.