Saturday, April 16, 2011

KCNA Commentary Blasts S. Korean Puppet Group′s Abduction of Inhabitants of DPRK

KCNA Commentary Blasts S. Korean Puppet Group′s Abduction of Inhabitants of DPRK

Pyongyang, April 9 (KCNA) -- The operations of the group of traitors in south Korea to abduct inhabitants of the DPRK have gone into extremes.

The group persistently conducted an operation to force four fishermen of the DPRK to "defect" to the south though they had gone adrift to the south side owing to rough waves early in February and finally detained them there. On March 24, it abducted several citizens of the DPRK under the cloak of "planned defection from the north" by hiring ultra-right religious organizations.

The group put up the card of "defectors from the north" in a bid to cover up its criminal acts but the operations of the above-said organizations were brought to light and there surfaced such problem as "planned smuggling," throwing it into utter dismay.

What did the puppet group seek through the operations to abduct citizens of the DPRK while coming under fire by the public at home and abroad for turning down its every proposal for dialogue this year?

Its aim is to evade the responsibility for having driven the inter-Korean relations into an unprecedented collapse and tarnish the international image of the DPRK. This is highly ridiculous.

The method employed by the group is too mean when assuming that it tried to do harm to the idea and system of the DPRK which its people regard as their life and soul.

Most of "the defectors from the north" touted by the group were lured and abducted by the south Korean authorities and pro-U.S. right-wing conservative forces in an organized and planned manner in disregard of their will or wishes.

It is nobody′s secret that the south Korean authorities have long conducted operations to abduct inhabitants of the DPRK by all conspiratorial methods after laying a dense network of its intelligence agents, organizations for anti-DPRK operations under the guise of "organizations for rescuing defectors from the north" and hired abductors in the areas close to the DPRK.

The south Korean puppet forces are crafty enough to conduct the above-said operations by disguising intelligence and plot-breeding organizations as "non-governmental ones."

Intolerable are the operations to lure and abduct citizens of the DPRK as they are a product of the hostile forces′ anti-DPRK campaign to stifle Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses.

The group of traitors is sadly mistaken if it calculates it can get something through the despicable anti-DPRK scenario.