Friday, April 15, 2011

How wonder why Alex Padilla spoke about Facebook and Revolution?

How wonder why Alex Padilla spoke about Facebook and Revolution?

Last time, Alex Padilla of the GRP Peace Panel ignorantly speaking about "Leftist rebels being pushed into oblivion by Facebook and the Internet as rebellious youths now vent online instead of taking up arms against the state."

These words at first seemed agreeable, but digging deeper, it doesn't mean that using the internet as an instrument of People's struggle will replace actual means including armed struggle. It even rather getting the Revolution closely in-touch with the people using modern-day technology.

Padilla, whilst continuing his rant, even speak that the Revolutionary Movement, since "left on its own and with continued economic growth, the government believes the 42-year rebellion would eventually die a natural death", that seemed contradictory to the fact that the Revolutionary Movement, being self-reliant in accordance to the basic rules, steered up in its growth in accordance to its plans-that includes minor yet better armed victories against the Reactionary system.

And speaking of "Economic Growth", as Padilla stated, how come prices of commodities, especially oil increasing? It may be an international problem that includes the Philippines, but having a deregulated oil sector and a continuous economic crisis both international and local rather pushing the nation downwards regardless of the "Reforms" being taken through, otherwise the "Reforms" taken by the present Administration are a rehash of the past ones with new names and schemes supplanted.

That, according to Fidel Agcaoili of the NDFP:

“Alex and Noynoy may not be as old as some members of the NDFP Negotiating Panel but the two GPH officials represent the old and reactionary semi-colonial and semi-feudal social system that is ruled by the few big landlords and comprador capitalists with the full support of foreign monopoly capitalists, especially the US,”

For sure these words spoken by Agcaoili stated the fact that despite leaders passed, every GRP representative meets the same people around in Utrecht, Oslo, or even in the prison cells in Metro Manila. And the ones from the GRP (or GPH) represents the status quo that is, repressive and aloof of major reforms ought to be seriously taken.

And if the status quo spoke of certain major changes, reforms in the society, how come there are no basic industries, that the land problem remain unanswered and the continuous presence of U.S. Imperialism through its diplomats, wire cables, and military advisers?

“Should the peace negotiations not end within his given time frame of 3 years, Alex should be asking his principal, Noynoy Aquino, why Hacienda Luisita can’t be subjected to genuine land reform instead of putting the blame on the NDF,” Agcaoili said.

The Revolutionary Struggle continues to grow nowadays, that regardless of shortcomings, still it continues to grow, that with planning, discipline, support from the people and the like, creates a youthful and vibrant appearance that the rotten system tried much to counter.

And as for Facebook, Twitter, gadgets and modern Technology, as Mao Zedong stated, it is the people who are deciding not with those tools, things as what Padilla said.

True indeed, that the system tried much to deny, but despite the rants, the struggle for peace remains.