Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Dr. Motsoko Pheko
Former Member of Parliament,
Pan African Congress of Azania
South Africa, Azania
9 June 2011

The International Criminal Court has called for the arrest of President Muammar Gaddafi for alleged crimes against humanity. When will it call George Bush and Tony Blair to account for their war crimes in Iraq, and Israel leaders for their crimes against the Palestinians?

African leaders who have the propensity for dictatorship and tyranny, and commit gross violations of human rights must be punished in Africa through the appropriate judicial institutions of the African Union. This is not to cast an aspersion on the impartiality of the International Criminal Court. It cannot be disputed, however, that sophisticated weapons that kill Africans in civil wars come from Western countries. The wars are fought by proxy for foreign interests. The African Union must be careful that it does not compromise the sovereignties of its member states in an international political game which is not clean and whose religion is GREED for the riches of African countries.

The ICC is practising a great deal of selective morality and legality and tarnishing its own integrity. Bush and Blair occupied and killed thousands of Iraqis –women and children under the false cover that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. The United Nations had found no such evidence and had given no mandate to Bush and Blair to commit atrocities in Iraq. Bush and Blair must be summoned to the ICC. The most disgraceful thing is that America has not even signed the Statue of the ICC. African countries and other non-Western countries that voted for the United Nations “no-fly zone” resolution were naive in the extreme to believe that once NATO and American troops were in Libya would concern themselves with the “protection of civilians” when they were already so close to the oil wells of Libya – their main object

Already the ICC has summoned four leaders from Africa. Sooner than later the ICC will be full of “violators of human rights” from Africa, but none from Europe or America. The political game that imperialists are playing is not about “human rights. It is about their selfish interests. If it were not so, there would not be such naked selective morality and legality on this matter. Such glaring injustice, however can only increase terrorism in the world in response to state terrorism practised by imperialist states using the ICC.