Saturday, July 2, 2011

Expose and Oppose the Continuing Lies of Col Sumagaysay and spokesmen of the 303rd Brigade! -NPA (NDF)

Expose and Oppose the Continuing Lies of Col Sumagaysay
and spokesmen of the 303rd Brigade!

Cecil Estrella
Roselyn Pelle Command,
NPA-Nortern Negros
June 29, 2011

Col Jonas Sumagaysay and the spokesmen of the 303rd Brigade are engage in psywar gimmicks thru their statements that several NPAs were killed and wounded in encounters against the Phil Army.

Sumagaysay , Col Gubat and the spokesmen of the 303rd Bde is in delirium as they fabricate their brand of lies, complete with details and names of the “dead” and “wounded” NPAs. Their lies are sustained, non-stop and almost daily. Sumagaysay is in high fever in his dreams that the NPA is demoralized, fighting and killing each other.

Col Sumagaysay must wake up! Don’t overdo your wishful thinking or you end up with nightmares if you encounter the TRUTH.

They said that they have uncovered an Oplan Panghilamon led by a certain Rogelio Danoso, a “plan” of the NPA to purge out deep penetration agents. Sumagaysay claims that he has complete information on who will be the targets of Oplan Panghilamon because he has an “insider.”

The funny thing is what the so called “insider” knew are the fabricated and wishful thinking and lies of Sumagaysay. But they do not know the real plans of the NPA. When a yunit of the NPA attack the troops of Col Gubat stationed in Sitio Magkalape, Brgy Tabun-ac, Toboso in the night of June 8, 2011, they were caught flatfooted. The enemy suffered 2 KIAs and many wounded, there was no casualty among the NPAs. Where is the “insider” of Sumagaysay in this incident?

On June 9, another unit of the NPA harassed the troopers of Col Gubat on a hill in Sitio Gabon-gabon, in the outskirts of Brgy Tabun-ac and Brgy Pantao, in the town of Calatrava, the enemy were also surprised. Where is the “insider” of Sumagaysay?

To cover up their failures, Sumagaysay again circumvent the truth on the two incidents. He now declared that the NPAs suffered several KIAs and WIAs. Amusingly, he comes up again with a complete list of the “dead and wounded.”

When another unit of the NPA ambushed a column of the RMG in Sitio Banag, Brgy Libertad, Escalante City last June 12, 2011, that resulted to 6 KIAs among the RMG and no casualty on the NPA, the enemy were again surprised. Where is the “insider” of Sumagaysay? In all the military actions initiated by the NPA, the “insider” of Sumagaysay has no ideya because his insider only exist in his dreams.

The so called Oplan Panghilamon being peddled by Col Sumagaysay, Col Gubat and the spokesmen of the 303rd Bde in the public is a scheme of lies. It is calculated to create confusion, demoralization and dis-unity in the ranks of the revolutionaries. But Sumagaysay is WRONG, because the NPA is strongly united base on principles and commitment for the cause of national liberation and true democracy.

Sumagaysay and the fascist Phil Army have already made plans to intensify extra-judicial killings of known personalities of progressive organizations in the media, church people, people’s organizations and NGOs like what they did to Benjie Bayles and then blame these evil acts on the NPA as “victims” of Oplan Panghilamon. The people must be made aware of these plans of the 303rd Bde, Phil Army.

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