Sunday, July 24, 2011

Growing opposition and Social Crisis fuels strife within the System

Growing opposition and Social Crisis fuels strife within the System
Revolutionary Advance and Social Crisis fuels Reactionary Strife

The issues related to the present Aquino administration brings back to focus the continuing and even intensifying factional rivalry among the ruling classes. With this development, the first year of the present administration, claiming that having consolidated its rule in the face of social crisis and splits within the main pillar of the present Landlord-Comprador state, has experienced tremors that possibly resorting to a crumbled pieces. These merely exposes the fact that the ones within the system, the Reactionaries so to speak, are more frenzied than ever over the utter failure of the present administration to stem the persistent socio-economic crisis and the growing tide of opposition from the people. Thus, like the last administration, they increasingly turn to repression.

The Samar-Balay issue, Mar Roxas' appointement as cabinet secretary, the selection of the Ombudsman, the Hacienda Luisita inc. even the Ampatuan Massacre had became an issue within Reactionary circles. So was the negligence to put Arroyo into trial and otehr related issues detrimental to what Aquino speaks of "Daang Matuwid" or a straight way to Filipino progress and stability. We've also wittnessed the Kabarkada inc. a clique of classmates or friends of the President becoming members of the Cabinet that we reminds of the Kamaganak inc. of the first Aquino administration, these somehow aggraviates the crisis instead of easing away out regardless of reforms or measures trying to be enacted.

How wonder such issues within the first year of teh administration failed to solve the persistent socio-economic crisis of the society, yet still Aquino got enough popularity rates out of promises or even the legacy of his parents; obviously, despite the popularity rates the cracks continue to worsen due to both factiuonal strife and failure to counter the cisis prevalent in a society such as a Landlord-Comprador dominated one, otherwise the ones dominating it also worsens it further.

Such actions made long after the first year of the administration are widely considered as illusory, nonsense to the people. Its programs, despite its benefits to a small group are rather not anew but a rehash of programs made during the Arroyo administration. One example is the "Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program" of doleouts, and activity that instead of allocating it to sound programs like subsidies for public education and real social welfare action ones like health care or even workfare be end up rather given directly without any cause except "to stop poverty." If so, on stopping poverty, how come real programs such as Agrarian Reform or a sound Industrial policy, a progressive fiscal social security program, democratized education and distribution of social services are less or unlikely being enforced immediately, or rather say systematically?

The people in every 42,000 barangays around the nation are expected very much that more problems than successes within the present administation will come that most of it involve conflict not just between the rich and poor, but even within the system itself all riddent with corrupt or mis-serious officials who failed to accept the task of serving the people wholeheartedly.

After all, like the past regimes ridden by exposed or unexposed conflicts and rivalries, its very core is simple: countering the growing tide of calls for social change. As according to one article made last January 1988:

"Each faction is trying to outdo the other, showing U.S. Imperialism and the local Local Reactionary classes that is and not the other faction that can save the fast, desintegrating ruling system from further collapse and defeat the forces of genuine social change."

Recalling the past factions such as the Ramos faction, Enrile, and others of the first Aquino regime, the rpesent one, through its quarreling if not warring facitons of Samar and Balay, plus the interfering "Left wingers" like AKBAYAN, of "Right wingers" like those loyal to former President and now Pampanga Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and even Militarists like ANAD. The desperate call for "Unity" seemed to be unlikely to be realize in a way that the exploitative classes are alloof to heed the call of the people despite parroting populist sentiment.

The system may also continue blaming "subversives" for every kind of direct criticism pointed against the governement in a way like ANAD or any far right group continues to vent rage against the legal Left as "Terrorists" making them similar to those taking up arms and do armed struggle. As expected they parroting the mistakes of the past yet how about the mistakes of the system especially those of the atrocities taken by those who maintaining order? These are worser than the ones they spoke against of.

Well, regardless of justifications, of its so-called successes, changes, or any other sentiments trying to be realized are rather created in pursuit of escapism. The ruling classes and its cohorts have never really learned from history. They may've blamed everything that may call as the root causes of poverty, but as the rotten social order tries to remain intact despite its desintegration, and the opposition continues to grow and strengthening its rampart, all despite the programs or any actions made by the system in pursuit of curbing popular sentiment that is, doomed to fail; the ruling classes indeed can never be expected to admit that it is, their own oppressive, exploitative rule as the root of popular discontent and unrest.

More and more unexpected realities and illusions created by the current regime will come, but the continued advance of the people's struggle is indeed "driving the ruling class, reactionaries out of their wits." The system may call it as "traitorous" in taking everything by the people as an "advantage" but as for theirs, especially since that they are under a bigger entity as a mere matter of moving one's pieces like playing chess, to a proper position, thus the series of internal problems, conflicts or maybe possible reshuffle of officials and cabinet revamps. Just fora sake of maintaining Reactionary presence, foreign interests such as from U.S. or any other bigger entity, of foreign capitalists, all in a guise of "Traversing the straight path", of "Daang Matuwid" thst is, crooked and even going backwards and downwards.