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Rabindranath Tagore, Marxist

Rabindranath Tagore, Marxist

By Sanjib Sinha

July 9 2010

Tagore's fans in India categories his writings arts and his philosophy as being gandhist, liberal. These trends have existed for a long time , so that presently common people too in India mention Rabindra arts and his thoughts as being the same as ghandhism , liberal, illogical pacifism. The main thing is that common Indians think Rabindranath is an adjusting artist to class divided society. However the truth is not that. Specially when I read Tagore's Russian letter (Russia’s letter) I see the truth is He was an ultimately a Marxist. He used to hate western imperialism western policy of using “force” without judging time, reason conditions etc., class divided capitalists state system, feudalism. Even the poet had got when no scientific logic can allay that society’s crisis, only religion could keep the divided society alive. That’s why Tagore supported and believed in atheism too.

From 11 sept. 1930 to 25th sept. Rabindranath toured Russia. Many anti communists anti socialists at that time tried to scare to not to tour Russia. They said him that soviet was a state of Bolshevik dictators. Foods were not good there etc. Nonetheless Tagore went to vist

the Soviet Union. According to world poets view soviet was workers peasants common peoples true real holy place. To see that holy place the poet had to go there. According to his view Russia of that time was a war ground to make a new classless state and also a classless world against all old class divided societys beliefs, international capitalist wickedness, cheating, personal, family’s profit loss culture!

Tagore mentioned that the best way to liberate oppressed people of this world is socialist education. His view was soviets socialist education was not only liberating that states people, it was also expanding worldwide to liberate worlds oppressed people. And the great Russian revolutionary communists had taken this liability. They faced many troubles many difficulties but did not look back . This was a great asceticism according to his view!

World poets view was Russia of that time was busy with education, farming, machines because all needed work, cloths home and education. Then only socialist soviet would last and it would be an inspiration to world workers peasants to build a communist society.

His view was soviets education did not make only pundits but it made thousands and thousands human. Soviet attached education labor health well being with life.

His view : Personal independence would be present there but one persons independence of enjoyment should be restricted. The excess would be had by common people. Independence would be present there but selfishness wont be there. According to his view soviet meant peoples unity. Difference is absent there. In capitalist civility rich self centered peoples unlimited greed must call utter poverty, envy/ slaughter. In this society competion is greater than co operation. One class competes with another class. One state competes with another state.

He did not equate workers peasants dictatorship with those bourgeoisie dictatorships. He felt proletariats dictatorship is needed to remove all types dictatorships of class divided state and this dictatorship only can establish classless communist world. Soviets Marxist economy was an economy to make oppressed human.

According to his view soviet is the only state would fight for the interest of world common people. It did till it lasted.

Was there any Indian poet and philosopher more Marxist than Tagore? To know Marxism tagore must be read first. In his russias letter application of Marxism Marxist economy had been expressed. Tagore and Marxism are not different. Rabindranath is ours world workers peasants proletariats. He is not for that bourgeoisie liberal class .

To know his revolutionary philosophy more clearly his another Bengali writing “RAKTA KARABI” must be read.

Red salute to Marxist rabindranath !


Sanjib Sinha from kolkata