Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Truth Behind the North Cotabato Encounters -NPA (NDF)

The Truth Behind the North Cotabato Encounters*

Macario Dilaab
Mt Alip Front Operations Command,
Front 72 – FarSouth Mindanao Region
June 26, 2011

May we inform the public, especially our beloved mass activists and allies that there is not a single Red fighter of the New People’s Army who has been killed or wounded in the series of encounters in Brgy Malasila and Brgy. Luayon, Makilala, North Cotabato on June 15, 16 and 17. There were however at least a total of seven (7) bodies of AFP contingents brought to the army helicopter immediately after the encounters as seen and observed directly by our snipers who were positioned at a vantage point. Reliable reports have reached us that there were actually 16 casualties on the side of the AFP, mostly soldiers from the 57th IB, 40th IB and 39th IB after a misencounter among the operating troops. They were so confused and disorganized that they were firing on each other while a team of Red fighters observed from a safe distance.

Immediately after airlifting the AFP casualties, Lt Col Gaudencio Asto, 6th ID spokesperson announced that they had killed four members of the New People’s Army. These Red fighters were allegedly named Alexander Selano, Miguel Ocsio, a Commander Sammy and one other unidentified person. Truth to tell, these are the names of four villagers who happen to be living near the area and will be able to testify that they are neither NPAs nor are they dead or wounded. The 6th ID spokesperson should have had taken an effort to at least verify those names so as to make himself more credible. It is pathetic to make people believe that the AFP is winning the war by claims of having "killed so many NPAs". Lies will never win the hearts and minds of the people but will further isolate them.

After having bombed the villages of Makilala with tora-tora gunships, and forcing villagers to guide them and other human rights violations of the marauding AFP contingents, the people now fully understand what Oplan Bayanihan really is. The AFP’s talk of peace and development is nothing but empty rhetoric and the Philippine army are fascists who have not a single, genuine regard for the good and welfare of the community. They are merely mercenaries whose mandate is to defend the interests of the local and foreign ruling classes. They should be held accountable and brought to the Peoples’ Court for the crimes and human rights violations they have committed.

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