Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NPA punishes PHILEX Mining Corp

NPA punishes PHILEX Mining Corp

Andrea Guerrero,
Armando Sumayang, Jr. Command,
Southwest Negros Guerilla Front,
NPA-Negros Island
July 10, 2011

The New People's Army-Southwest Front implemented the demand of the people to punish the giant Philex Gold Mining Corp/Bulawan Mining Corp because of the damages it created against the lives, livelihood, health and environment of the people. The punishment-operation was aided by the masses and allies.

It is on record that PHILEX Mining Corp has committed crimes against the people of Sipalay City and Hinobaan because of its intentional dumping of toxic wastes in Mantuboy Creek, Bacuyangan River and the Sipalay River that resulted to fishkill in the shorelines of Sipalay City, lost of water source for irrigation of the peasants of Sipalay and Hinobaan that resulted to decrease or losses in production.

There was massive dislocation in Camindangan, Sipalay City and 10 sitios that has 158 houses and 898 residents covering 1,400 hectares planted to corn, coffee, banana, tobacco because of the exploration of Carles and Cauayan Mining Corporation and Philex Gold Phils. Also in Brgy Manlocahoc, Cabadiangan and San Jose, Sipalay City and Brgy Camalandaan, Cauayan, 13 sitios with 234 houses, 1,459 residents and 1976 hectares planted to rice , corn, banana, coffee and root crops are affected. Included also is the forested area of Brgy Camalandaan which is part of the Watershed areas of Cauayan.

The giant PHILEX Mining Corp, has an approved and pending application for mining and exploration covering 19,048.1431 hectares of land area in the whole 6th district of Negros Occidental besides the current area being operated.

For sure after the punishment of PHILEX Mining Corp, the Maranon-Alvarez- Montilla group will surely react because their source of questionable income and kickbacks are at stake. It is a fact that the local government of Sipalay is earning a big sum by renting it's equipments to the mining corporations at least P100,000.00/day for a single equipment alone. This is in return of the worsening poverty caused by the displacement of peasant lands and livelihood.

What happens to the fabricated stories of "trying-hard & frustrated" scriptwriter of 3ID Col Jonas Sumagaysay on this incident? We heard him say that the NPA in Southwest Negros has been neutralized and they have informants within the NPA? Did your contacts informed you that the NPA will be burning the equipments of PHILEX? Oh come on, It's better that you look for better propaganda line because you are fast losing public credibility because of your lies.

The Communist Party of the Philippines has repeatedly declared it's opposition and dismantling of foreign mining corporations. The NDF-Negros has also called for the dismantling of these mines and the NPA has implemented these orders.

More than ever the NPA is united, solid and determined under the guidance of the Communist Party of the Philippines to frustrate Oplan Bayanihan of the US-Aquino 2 Regime, and realize the long expected demands of the people against exploitative and repressive foreign monopoly capitalists, big comprador borgeisie and landlords. We are united to lead the march of the whole revolutionary movement towards the strategic stalemate until victory of the new democratic revolution and socialism.

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