Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Sipalay a Military Garrison to protect destructive mining will encourage more NPA offensives

Making Sipalay a Military Garrison to protect destructive mining
will encourage more NPA offensives*
Andrea Guerrero,
Southwest Negros Guerilla Front,
NPA-Negros Island
July 14, 2011

After failing to protect the environmental destroyer PHILEX Mining Corporations , the AFP particularly the 303rd Bde PA is now calling for the deployment of more troops in the mining areas of Sipalay-Hinobaan-Candoni. The 303rd Bde has recommended to the 3rd ID PA to set up more detachments, patrols and civil-military psy war operations aimed to harass poor peasants who are active against land grabbing and destruction of the environment by the mining giants. The Maranon-Montilla-Alvarez clique has become paranoid even equating destructive mining as favorable to eco-tourism and thus be fully secured by the AFP-PNP.

Cheap serial liar Col Jonas Sumagaysay has now upgraded his script from a fabricator of fantasies to a “war strategist-analyst” of the operations of the AFP vs the NPA but yet his poor understanding of the tenets of guerrilla warfare only expose him as a wheelchair commander and poor student of the science and art of war.

The NPA is a genuine peoples army because it fights for the interests of the people especially the majority who are the poor peasants and workers. The NPA is fed, clothed and cherished by the people, and its 42 fighting years of existence is a testimony of the unwavering broad and deep mass support. The NPA struggles for genuine land reform and nationalist industrialization as the key to real peoples progress, peace and developmet.

The NPA employs guerrilla strategy and tactics against a well financed and armed AFP-PNP which by nature is puppet , mercenary and fascist. Guerrila warfare is an irregular warfare using everything favorable to the NPA like terrain, weather, peoples support, alliances , tactics etc. It’s basic principle runs like this .. “ if the enemy attacks we withdraw, if the enemy camps, we harass, if the enemy withdrew we (pursue) attack.” The AFP-PNP hates fighting guerrilla warfare because of their “gunpowder” mentality and their anti-people orientation. Their gimmicks like medical missions and militarization of social services are designed to deceive and divide the people under Oplan Bayanihan that aims to destroy the revolutionary movement by force or by isolation . Such kind of publicity stunts will ultimately fail.

The AFP-PNP-CAFGUS and the equally fascist private security guards-goons, warlords and the bandit RPA are the best source of weapons of the NPAs and its local militias since it’s founding in 1969 and until now. Analytical wisdom grounded on scientific study of the situation including the enemy’s (moral & capacity) patience and painstaking masswork among the people and alliance work that extend even to some sections of the enemy are comprehensively used by the NPA guided by the CPP to launch tactical offensives that it view as winnable and favorable to the people and the revolutionary advance. Punishing the destroyers of the environment like the giant mining firms is morally correct and part of the peoples agenda for safeguarding and preserving our natural resources, ecology, food supply and livelihood of the masses.

For Sumagaysay and the AFP to belittle the NPA, insult the people and pay homage to the giant mining companies only show their real worth and value—narrow-minded, puppet and mercenary at the core.

The NPA fighting with and alongside the people will frustrate the environmental plunder and aggression of the giant mining corporations again and again.

To bring in more AFP-PNP-CAFGU troops to the mining areas under the operational responsibility of the Armando Sumayang Command will only save the NPA the effort of target acquisition and direct source of arms and logistics. The deployment of more troops will also give way to the NPAs actual training and practicum for launching tactical offensives and alliance work among disgruntled AFP-PNP-CAFGU troopers. Col Sumagaysay”s antics and fantasies that will surely come along with this repositioning of AFP-PNP troops in southern Negros will provide the NPA and the people a good source of jokes for generations to come.

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