Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'We Will Recollect Tomorrow, Too': Rodong Sinmun (KCNA)

'We Will Recollect Tomorrow, Too': Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, August 4 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Thursday carries a political essay "We Will Recollect Tomorrow, Too."

The political essay recalls that when drama "We Will Recollect Today" was aired by television, it evoked so lively response that it was the topic of public discussion.

The essay goes on:

Our people's recollection of what happened in those days is not memory of sorrow but memory of faith and will.

Our generation clearly realized what right path we have followed and how just we were when we kept to the path without hesitation, overcoming manifold difficulties.

Let us share the will with our General Kim Jong Il to the end! This slogan dating back to the hardest time of the Arduous March was the true voice of the Korean people.

Many people sacrificed their precious lives, picturing today to themselves. They include naive children like Song Hui, those who devoted themselves to their comrades and the collective and even laid down their lives, firmly believing in the country and socialism only and those who thought of machine tools at their factories before caring for their own properties and those who thought of the big family of socialism before caring for their own families.

The DPRK is proud of having the history in which leader Kim Jong Il and the people shared weal and woe in the most difficult time. He firmly believed in the people and they have followed the same road to the last under his leadership. This is the ever-lasting soul of Korea and like the heart of the nation. This is the precious legacy left by our generation to the next generation and constitutes a great wherewithal which encourages us to dash ahead, drawing exhaustible strength.

We have the 5 000-year-long-history of the nation behind and a hundred-year-long history of Kim Il Sung 's Korea at hand. Our beloved descendents and everlasting future wait for us.

Everyday witnesses the country dashing ahead, dramatic changes taking place in the sky, land and seas and people's wealth growing.

With a view to providing happiness to the people who have shared the same destiny with the Party to the last, leader Kim Jong Il put forward a far reaching plan to make them enjoy a cultured life of world standard despite difficulties facing the country.

He, so painful to see people undergoing sufferings, made long journeys to the front in tears. He visited with heavy heart villages not much known, factories at standstill and unforgettable mountains and fields. He made the Arduous March through a forced march to provide the people with tremendous wealth.

A day and night of creation comes in and out for morrow.

The heart of our generation is burning with a mission and consciousness to make better things for the sake of posterity and recollect today with pride in the distant future.

One should have faith in laying a springboard for happiness just as one should be confident of overcoming the extreme phase of trials. Our people had to rise up, overcoming grief yesterday but now they should stand high, overlooking the world.

We are facing fresh trials at present when we stand high after bringing about dramatic turns with a dream.

The enemies are getting more persistent in their economic blockade to deter the people's wealth from increasing and highly civilized and modern structures from appearing.

Our onward movement is faced with bottlenecks and something impossible and unprecedented challenges as hard to overcome as those during the Arduous March. Our people are required more urgently than ever before to cherish the same faith as was displayed when they kept to their chosen road to the last.

The advance towards the thriving socialist nation is an untrodden path and it is a forced march which requires overcoming a lot of trials.

Our answer is a confident and clear one.

Watch us. Korea does what it is determined to do. Our generation has pushed back the frontiers of latest science and technology with the sweat of their brow under the guidance of Kim Jong Il . The echo among the mountains that resounded in our generation and the new high civilization achieved by them will always remain shining as precious treasures on this land.

Future is carved out generation after generation in which what each one did is remembered with pride and this tradition is given steady continuity. This will make a history of ever-lasting victory and as a result, our country will eternally prosper.

Then, we will recollect today again.

Our descendents will sing most loudly of the present generation, always remembering them who suffered a lot and created a lot.