Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CPRK Secretariat Blasts 'Spy Ring Case' Fabricated by S. Korean Security Authorities -KCNA

CPRK Secretariat Blasts 'Spy Ring Case'
Fabricated by S. Korean Security Authorities

Pyongyang, August 4 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) issued information bulletin No. 977 Thursday denouncing the south Korean public security authorities for cooking up "spy ring case."

The bulletin says:

The south Korean fascist security authorities including the Intelligence Service and prosecution have kicked off a wholesale repression of pro-reunification patriots in south Korea after cooking up "spy ring case."

They arrested lots of people of opposition parties and those from all social standings including trade unions, academic and economic circles, talking about "contacts" and presenting "material evidence." They are investigating those people in a bid to persecute them.

The CPRK Secretariat denounces the "spy ring case" fabricated by the south Korean puppet group as a fascist suppression of pro-reunification and patriotic forces in south Korea and another serious provocation to the DPRK.

The "spy ring case" is a groundless farce.

As for "material evidence" put up by them, they were already made public through south Korean media and Internet. What they called "list" is also a sheer fabrication.

The security authorities named the "underground party" organization this or that, provoking the laughter of the people.

It is a trite method traditionally used by the puppet group to cook up "spy ring cases" whenever it faced serious ruling crises.

South Korea is on the verge of catastrophe due to the puppet group's despicable policy of sycophancy and treachery, its moves for confrontation with fellow countrymen, unpopular rule and corruption and irregularities. The people's wrath and grudge against the authorities are running high.

The south Koreans from all walks of life are waging unflinching anti-"government" actions, determined to vote down the puppet group in the "National Assembly" and "presidential" elections slated for next year.

By fabricating such shocking cases as "spy ring case" and kicking off a repressive campaign, the puppet security authorities seek to distract the mindset of the broad masses from the failed domestic and foreign policies and stalled north-south relations and divert elsewhere the attention of the public opinion. It also seeks to tide over the crisis by branding the progressive forces as "pro-communist" and "pro-north" forces and thus ensure the conservative group's maintenance of power.

Another aim sought by the group is to turn down the public demand for improving the north-south relations and making a switchover in the "north policy" and maintain the policy of escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen.

No wonder, the "spy ring case" met a strong rebuff from the south Korean opposition parties and people from all social strata. They are dismissing the case as a "base and despicable farce", a "plot to stamp out the progressive forces" and "part of campaign for next year's general and presidential elections".

The recent case brought to light the true colors of the conservative group keen on stoking confrontation against reunification.

The fascist security authorities are gravely mistaken if they think they can mislead the public opinion and tide over the ruling crisis through such sordid farce.

Their last-ditch efforts will only invite bitterer censure at home and abroad and provoke stronger protest by the people.

The south Korean conservative group had better immediately stop the mean farce and suppression of the pro-reunification and patriotic figures.