Sunday, August 14, 2011

NPA's Partisan Operations, a part of people's war

NPA's Partisan Operations, a part of people's war*

Andrea Guerrero
Southwest Negros Guerilla Front,
Negros Island
August 12, 2011

Using the element of surprise and speed a team of the New People’s Army under the Armando Sumayang Jr. Command successfuly initiated a partisan operation against elements of the 47th IB PA drinking Red Horse Beer in a videoke hut in Sitio Bactolon, Brgy Camindangan, Sipalay City last August 5, 2011, 5 pm.

This resulted to the wounding of 2 members of the Phil Army including the notorious intelligence asset of the Phil Army Roderick “Eric” Samulde. The other three soldiers run for their lives bringing their firearms. Soldiers in the house of Ating Ariban and the basketball court also scampered away in the direction of their detachment, half a kilometer away and never came to the rescue of their companions.

The NPA operation in So. Bactolon, Brgy. Camindangan shows that despite the lies and claims of “surrenders” of local mass leaders and neutralization of residents, the enemy has failed and the armed revolution of the people continues. Oplan Bayanihan will fail just like the much hated Oplan Thunderbolt of Cory Aquino.

Cols Sosmena of the 47th IB PA and Oscar Lactao of the 303rd Bde fails to grasp the essence of partisan operations as they call it “Treacherous and act of Judas” by the NPA. The truth is their intelligence network failed despite the presence of their detachment.

The NPA would like to make it clear that armed AFP troops are legitimate military targets. Second the NPA in the strategic defensive stage is adapting guerrilla warfare because it is still an inferior force, thus it utilizes the element of surprise, secrecy, speed and selective superiority, no fix battles lines and only engages on battles that it can win in a short period (battle of quick decisions). The NPA launches numerous calibrated and widespread attacks on the enemy, with frequent fatal blows on the mercenary troops of the AFP. This is in contradiction with the conventional and positional warfare the AFP wants based on their superiority in order to win a war in a short period of time (war of quick decision).

Sosmenia’s and Lactao’s boasting of the Community Peace and Development Team (CPDT) is nothing more but the resurrection of the hated RSOT of the Phil Army under the Operation Plan Bayanihan. The change of name is for the purpose of fooling and misleading the people. Their activities is getting drunk, coercion, courting young girls in the barrios for intelligence gathering, convince the locals not to go against the anti-people government projects like mining, force surrender of mass leaders and former members of the revolutionary movement. Meanwhile there is no let up in military operations in Sipalay City to ensure the entry of giant mines like Philex, Maricalum and Selenga.

These actions of the AFP is futile in the efforts of the local barangay to stop drunkards, robbery and other crimes against the people. How many times the people have asked them for help regarding these problems to no avail. The people commented, “ it is good that the NPA is in the area because there are drunkenness and robberies compared to the Phil Army who protects and tolerates drunkards and thieves.”

Intensify People’s War! Frustrate the Oplan Bayanihan of the US-Aquino 2 regime. Launch more tactical offensives that answers the demands of the oppressed and exploited people.

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