Monday, August 22, 2011

U.S. Cowards Deploy 2 More Remote Killing ‘Predator Drones’ Against Libya

U.S. Cowards Deploy 2 More Remote Killing ‘Predator Drones’ Against Libya*

NATO is facing increasing problems as it had relied on terrorist rebels (so-called tebels) to overthrow a popular democratic government and to try to kill the father of modern Libya who brought into being a democratic and socialist system which allows the people, and not an elite, to enjoy high living standards.
18 August 2011

The United States has deployed two more Predator drones which they claim are for “surveillance operations” over Libya, while NATO is failing in its war in preventing Libyans from fighting back terrorists which had taken control of some cities and driven out the inhabitants.

NATO has been bombing Africa’s most wealthy state since March under clear skies in what they said would be a “2 or 3 day war” to eliminate Libyan historic symbol Muammar Qaddafi who had vowed to help Africa with billions of dollars to free itself from foreign economic control and poverty.

The drones arrived earlier this week, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. It was not immediately clear how many U.S. drones were currently deployed on the NATO mission and at least one has been shot down by Libyan defence forces.
The drones are flown by remote control from inside the USA itself, by computer operators, thus allowing missile strikes and bombings to take place which have massacred already thousands of civilians.

Those who are controlling the drones as well as the pilots who have bombed the country out of range of defensive missiles at a height of 10km (30,000 feet) are subject to future war crimes tribunals for committing crimes against humanity.
The U.S. decision to send additional drones follows calls last month by NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen for members of the alliance to provide more air support, especially given that during the current holy month of Ramadan, NATO bombers have had their view obscured by cloud.

This has allowed for Libya’s industrial coastal town of Misrata, which had been held by terrorist rebels (known as “tebels”) to lay siege to the town driving out much of its population many of whom had to flee to sea, only to be allowed to sink under the watchful eye of NATO warships.

Black skinned Libyans were shot on sight and some tortured and hung from lamp posts as the racist “Al-Qaida” allies of NATO have sought to terrorise the population and eliminate anyone with a green national flag of Libya or photograph of Muammar Qaddafi, the much loved father of modern Libya.

Libyans enjoy free medical and dental treatment without limits including the funding of operations abroad, as well as studies and education to any location around the world, and are provided a free house, free electricity and tools of trade of choice such as for agriculture as well as land.

It is the only country in the world to provide all services for free and also shares the revenue from its natural resources across the entire population, by depositing the remainder of the national income into the bank accounts of each Libyan, to the tune of around $500 each month.

At the outset of the aggression against Libya to attempt to overthrow the “Jamahiriya” direct participatory democratic system of people’s conferences and people’s committees, and to assassinate the founder of the Jamahiriya, who wrote a “Green Book” on democracy, the U.S. and Western Europe stole the entire approximately $150 billion of assets of Libya including those earmarked for African Union projects, confiscating the funds from western banks.

The lesson not lost on populations the world over is that it is not safe now to keep money in banks, as any pretext can be invented by governments to “seize assets” — in the case of Libya it was claimed that Qaddafi was ordering the air force to bomb civilians, a claim since revealed to be a lie. Qaddafi had on the contrary ordered restraint and prevented the armed forces from intervening in the plot by terrorists in Benghazi so as not to endanger lives.

Russian military has also since shown video to the world which reveals the imagery from Russian military spy satellites — images which no doubt also exist on western military satellite footage and even on live Google maps — which showed that no flights took place at all during the period it was claimed bombings had taken place, and also that the reports had come from “Twitter” and were not verified. Further, Twitter is not accessible from inside Libya.

Meanwhile the popularity of Qaddafi’s ideas which have reached a world wide audience as the world has been surprised to find a leader with such popularity who is so loved by his people, whilst leaders in other countries, and especially the states which are attacking Libya, face mass demonstrations and uprisings against their unpopular economic, political and social policies, where services are not available free for the people but enjoyed only by elites.

In other news, Mathaba news reporters visiting neighbouring Tunisia have reported on the large number of Libyans now living in that country — an estimated 3 million — who have been displaced by the war. They occupy the prime most expensive houses overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and drive new cars, unlike the Tunisians who still live in poverty. Some of them work across the border in Libya and return at night to their homes in Tunisia, as the area has come under large scale bombing by NATO in an attempt to provide cover for terrorists entering Libya from across the border.

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