Sunday, August 21, 2011



by Sanjib Sinha

Reason for the terrorist attack in Norway is very important. Some said since Norway participated in NATO, Al Queda intriguingly made this attack. Might be, might not be.

Some said for the same reason Gaddafi made this attack. Might be, might not be. Many said ultra right Neo-Nazis carried out the attack. They usually are born in the time of crisis of world imperialists economy. History says that. There is no difference seen between these neo-Nazis and that 1930s German Nazis. Just this neo Nazis are more modern and developed than old in political planning and arms technology. And if imperialism , imperialists economic crisis, unemployment continue these neo Nazis group must come in state power in Europe, US.

They will shake the world again, communists wont sit idle. They would resist. So war is inevitable. History can repeat. Class war continues, would be contuning until world communism is being established. And this is natural.

However, the terrorist attack happened mainly on Norway's social democratic labor party, socialist left party, and green party and on their red green govt. These social democrats, lefts are fighting against neo liberalism run and controlled by imperialism. Again the typical leftist govt. supporting the global military force NATO to destroy other weak countries independence, sovereignty ,to loot their wealth. This is the double dealing of that social democrats and lefts, on one hand they are against imperialism and on other hand supporting the imperialism's looting force. There are many same examples found in left history.

To destroy world left movement these type of social democrats, faked left greens help enemies indirectly, work as their agents. If they really want good of world left movement, must stop the double dealing. They have to learn from history. What happen in Afghanistan , Libya? The people there would decide that. Not NATO, imperialists. There cant be any type relation between imperialists global military force and social democrats left greens govt. As a world peace country Norway could not have any type relation with imperialists world military force, NATO. If such relation continues in future, Al-Qaeda, Qadaffi, neo Nazis all would bomb Norway unitedly. This calculation is very easy and logical.

Communists also should try to make Norway's fake left follow correct political line, stay them away from imperialism , NATO. It is difficult work but it should be done, otherwise the Norwegian leftists would hamper European and world's left movements progress and incorporation.

Sanjib Sinha