Tuesday, August 23, 2011

War in Libya: NATO gunship fires on unarmed civilians in Zawia Square

War in Libya:
NATO gunship fires on unarmed civilians in Zawia Square*

August 18, 2011

(Susan Lindauer) On August 18, 201, Tribal Chief Dr. Moussa Ibrahim’s younger brother was killed in Zawia by NATO. An Apache gunship fired on innocent civilians in the Square at Zaia City– killing many unarmed civilians. The people of Zawia were celebrating the route of NATO rebels from their city by the Libyan army, contradicting mainstream media reports that NATO controls the city.

Libyans are angry about NATO’s bombing of electric power stations. They were all talking about it today. “How is NATO protecting innocent people by bombing power stations?” This is the desert, many people in the suburban areas of Tripoli suffered from noon until night without electricity. That means SEVERE HEAT, no water, no refrigeration, no light, no phones for emergency. NATO is now terrorizing the innocent people here. NATO is now the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization”- The US should declare war on NATO as part of the “war on terror”
There are few gangs in Zawia. As soon as the Libyan army arrives, they are defeated or they run away. When the army completely finishes the pockets in Zawia, a source says they will head immediately to Sorman where all the runaway rebels have gone. He says they estimate that there are around 1000 rebels there but they are all very young (15,16,17,18) with no military experience, no organization and they fight amongst themselves. He said there will not be a protracted battle, this will end quickly.

Without NATO’s rain of terror, this bloodshed would have been finished months ago.

The rebels are desperate, NATO is becoming more desperate, there is no humanity, just blatant, wanton killing.

There is no excuse, no valid reason for any of this. It is not about democracy, the tribal system in Libya is pure democracy. The bottom line is, the Rebel Transitional Council has no ability to unite the Libyan people, no ability to run a government. There will be anarchy, there will be no contracts for foreign oil companies, no contracts for foreign construction companies. The TNC has less than 10% support here, I guess NATO will have to make a police state to keep their puppets in power.

The big oil companies had better wake up and lobby their respective governments if they ever want to come back to Libya.

When will the people of the world rise up against this inhumanity?

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