Tuesday, August 9, 2011

US and Oil

US and Oil

By Sanjib Sinha

In 2035 43% of world's unrefined petroleum supply will be under North Americas and west Asia's countries. So Hillary’s US has been taking good care of that region and fighting for western type capitalist imperialist democracy in that region. But everyone knows the main reason that capturing the oil storage of that region. It should always be remembered that US’s fight for democracy/freedom means there must be a smell of huge natural /human wealth that Hillary’s Clinton's carters Obama’s US desires or making US arms industries profit! The US version of fighting for democracy/freedom means stopping peoples, workers, peasants democracy, freedom, destroying sovereignty of their states, democracy freedom for imperialism and their continuous wars! Worldwide imperialists naked anarchy for wealth and war! Ridiculous! A kind of scurrilous drama of Hillary’s US!

However, that’s why US doesn’t want to leave the regions. That’s why they have been continuing or trying to continue military aggression on that region. The main target of this geographical mastery is oil , no doubt about this. And following this target US and its global military force NATO have been attacking on Libya. Because they know if Libya was destroyed if an anarchism wins in libya then the oil storage of libya must be under Yankees. In Africa most of the oil is found in Libya. Quality of Libya's oil is very high. 9th largest oil produced country in the world is Libya. After NATO's on libya in this march rate of oil in international market is increasing. Its not a coincidental matter. Because after Natos attack oil production in Libya has been stopped. Washington several times tried to kill Gaddafi. There’s a relation between conspiracy to kill gaddafi and capturing Libya's oil. Western powers whenever tried to capture Arabian oil and gas sources, rate of petroleum increased. Because oil is arms to the countries. The target of American attack on Iraq was to capture Iraq’s oil resources. In comrade Saddam's time Iraq used to produce much oil than present. After 1973s oil shock US decided to be controlling international oil market, that’s why their vultures eye on western Asia. In 1980 Jimmy Carter declared Persian gulf region would be controlled by US. No other country would be allowed to enter the region except Yankees. Jimmy made ‘rapid deployment force’ which was later changed into US central command. In short “centcom”. After caters time US established military bases in every where of west Asia.. This can be called who have muscle power control the world. After 2000 such primitive barbarism still is continuing. America twice attacked Iraq. Their target was oil but Iraq was first country nationalized oil. America doesn’t take care of that. Rather nationalization makes US angry. Because nationalization means destroying US type multinationals. Eyeing on oil in 2008 Bush created the US Africa command (africom). This africom is helping to attack Libya. US aggression for oil, not for democracy ! Death to imperialist capitalist US! As world peoples workers peasants protests against imperialist US would increase our green world would be saved from imperialist's anarchy and be livable for common people.


Sanjib Sinha