Friday, August 12, 2011

UK KFA statement on Ulji Freedom Guardian

UK KFA statement on Ulji Freedom Guardian

London 10th of August 2011

The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a the following statement in connection with Ulji Freedom Guardian war exercises of the US imperialists and south Korea.

the US and south Korea are truly sincere about dialogue and negotiation with the DPRK then they must immediately cancel the planned Ulji Freedom Guardian Exercise scheduled for 16th of August to 26th of August. It really goes without saying that war provocation exercises are incompatible with dialogue , such exercises represent an actual negation of dialogue.

These exercises are massive in scale with 30,000 troops and last for a duration of 10 days , this gives them an intensity which not only threatens the DPRK's sovereignty and independence but is a serious threat to peace in Asia and the world.

They are very clearly aimed at not only a military invasion of the DPRK but the actual occupation of the DPRK ruling north Korea by force after smashing up the DPRK and its socialist system. This is completely intolerable and must be thwarted.

UK KFA unreservedly calls for the immediate cancellation of Ulji Freedom Guardian war exercises and an end to the malicious provocations of US imperialism and the south Korean puppet regime.